In The New Year

Updates and Future Thoughts

Hello! Long time no talk. I hope things have been well with you and that 2018 is off to a great start. It’s been quite a while since I’ve written anything here so I thought I’d come back and do a little bit of writing as a creative exercise. I have a few articles in the hopper, a few more in development, so I’m excited to share things as they get finished. No schedules, no timelines. Everything’s going to be released organically.

I started The American Classic as a Tumblr page in 2008 (10 years ago!) focusing on menswear and motorcycles, two things I knew little about but knew the style I liked so just started reblogging other people which is what Tumblr was really great for. After about a year I wanted to start doing my own photography and focus on writing so I migrated things over here to WordPress which is arguably a better platform for the combination of the two. Things went pretty well and WordPress’ discoverability features helped grow my audience and attract more brands to be interested in having me write about their products.

After moving to Los Angeles in 2012, I found that it was much harder to go out and shoot shops like I had been when living in Philadelphia. The stores in LA weren’t as interested in write-ups and frankly most of them had the same products or brands or just generally were at a price point that I didn’t feel comfortable writing about. I’ll touch more on that in a later post but I started focusing more on brand specific work here which worked well for a while. Then I started getting hired to work on brand stuff for creative firms and ad agencies. My policy was always “paying jobs come first” and eventually that took over completely and left The American Classic at a standstill around mid-2016.

Something I’ve always enjoyed is travel writing and photography. I had the opportunity to go to Cuba for pleasure and then for a magazine which you can read all about in the previous post here. Subsequently I went to Japan, Singapore, and Bangkok, the photos from which are live on my portfolio but I’ve never had a good chance to write about the trip. That will come here soon. A few other upcoming posts include a maker or two here in LA I’d like to highlight, some thoughts on philosophy behind film photography in a digital world, a bit of travel writing, and further thoughts on Made in USA and small businesses focused on menswear as it stands today.

Thanks for reading, thanks for sticking around, and hopefully you’ll like the things you see in the coming weeks and months. In the meantime, you can view our somewhat neglected Instagram here, my portfolio here, my Instagram here, and Steve’s portfolio here.