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Grubby Fingers

Posted on August 8, 2011

We’ve been getting our hands dirty over here at The A.C. working with letterpresses, lining up some great things for the fall, and doing some serious field research in Los Angeles, CA. while temporarily located here until early September. There are some cool interviews, write-ups, and articles coming very soon as well as plenty of groundwork being laid for things back home in Philadelphia. We’re super excited for what’s to come and ready to get back to the Cheesesteak City come September.

I’d also like to open things up to our readers; this is an open call for anyone who’s got something they would like reviewed. We’re looking specifically for products or services that fit within our general parameters of style. If you think you fit this mold, please get in touch via the standard methods. We’re also looking to fill a spot in The A.C. shop for when it launches. There are only five spots available and it’s likely that three of them have already been spoken for. Secure yours while you still can! Thanks for reading and for all of your support.

Etiquette: A Nostalgic Look

Posted on June 26, 2011

‘Etiquette’ by Emily Post is widely regarded as the original authority on… well, etiquette. The book runs the gambit of things such as how to introduce yourself and others, how to be a courteous motorist, how to host dinners, and how to throw frat parties the right way. We here at The American Classic have obtained a copy of the first printing of the 1942 edition printed during World War II. The anecdote at the beginning specifically states “This book is manufactured under wartime conditions in conformity with all government regulations controlling the use of paper and other materials”. Today we’ll examine a few pointers from the book. Click below to see the full post.

Why American Classic

Posted on April 13, 2011

This isn’t about politics but patriotism is lost on the masses in America and has been for a long time. It’s old news. Heading into rural America or the heartland you’ll find plenty of pro-American citizens who still believe that we live in the greatest nation on earth. But this is a mindset from sixty years ago, now outdated and proven nearly entirely wrong or at best somewhat self-serving and ignorant of the accomplishments of nearly any other rising power worldwide.

One thing that marched out that door on the day that Americans lost their faith in their nation was the inherent ability to lead by example; to do something right without thinking about it and have others follow suit because they knew, just by watching, that this person had their business figured out: they knew what was going on. So when the trendsetters started dressing more casually and trying to find things from other countries that were impossibly cheap (both in price and construction), everyone trotted along right behind. This goes for the retailers as well who, as we all know, have moved all production abroad and can’t seem to get their style straight between the seasons. Suddenly they’re the trendsetters and what do we have left? A lot of sloppy-looking Americans.