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On the Lookout vol. 03: Confirmed Stock 4/28

Posted on April 16, 2012

Finding out that Confirmed Stock is happening in not-so-far-away Baltimore, MD was very exciting for us; we don’t get to go to many big events like this as they either happen in New York and require big budgets or in Los Angeles and we simply can’t make it out there. This is happening close to home and we’re happy to be covering it. It’s an “innovative menswear-focused pop-up market” featuring some seriously excellent brands from around the country. The event is organized by Neal Shaffer and Drexler with the idea that these brands, largely unavailable in Baltimore currently, will bring awareness to the forward-motion of menswear and drive a need to have such brand’s presence in the city.

Confirmed Stock is really about giving men in the Baltimore area a chance to not only buy great stuff but also make more mindful decisions about how they spend their money,” said co-organizer Neal Shaffer. “Our vendors offer amazing products and that’s the main thing, but equally important is the fact that these are people you can buy from and feel good about where your money is going.”

“We’re looking to move the landscape forward for men’s style in Baltimore,” said co-organizer Chris Walbert. “The brands we’re showcasing have never had a Baltimore presence before, or if they have, it’s been a small one. In that regard, we see Confirmed Stock as just the beginning.”

We’re stoked to make the trip down to check out the excellent event these guys have planned. If you see Steve or I wandering around taking photos, do make sure to say hello. This will be the first event I’ve covered with more than one shooter/schmoozer so we’ll be covering quite a bit of ground. We’re very excited to see all of the brands and can’t wait to share the photos with you.

[vimeo vimeo.com/34173469 w=1000&h=600]

Here are the dirty details:

Confirmed Stock


11 a.m. – 5 p.m.

2640 St. Paul St. (in a former Church)

Baltimore, MD. 21218

Here’s a list of the featured brands:

Almanac Industries

Ball and Buck

Blue Claw Co.

Cause and Effect

Corter Leather


Federal Store 

Fischer Clothing

Greenwich Vintage Co.

Hellbrand Leatherworks

Jack Robie

Lumina Clothing

Mister Crow

Randolph Engineering

Ruell and Ray

Sandtown Millworks

Sixteen Tons

Two Inch Cuffs

On the Lookout vol. 02

Posted on August 29, 2011

This is a collection of a few brands I’ve been getting excited about lately. Some are new and notable, many are older and simply something to take a look at if you’re interested. This grouping includes Opinel knives from France, FREE/MAN brand, and The Quality Mending Co.

Unfortunatley, due to technological difficulties there will be no Standard Relay this week. You can read the first and second editions of Standard Relay by clicking here and here respectively. Click below to read the whole article.