Good morning. This is the start of a weekly amalgamation featuring collected articles from around the web. 


MS & Co. Revisited -

A while back we took a look at the MS & Co. Selvedge Denim Sleeve for the iPhone. While we were aware of the other products they had available at the time, all sleeves for various gadgets or glasses, they now have a line of shoe bags using interesting materials. It’s worth a look and they garnered themselves a writeup in the Free/Man blog.


Wilco "The Whole Love" 

Releasing September 27th, 2011 – The Wilco camp dropped this video a few days ago to promote the new album, “The Whole Love”. The new sound can be described as “interesting“. Let the cacophony ensue and watch the video.


1950's British Synthesizer Found in Barn - 

Making a long story short, Daphne Oram created a synthesizer in the 50’s that involved painting readable notes for the machine to transcribe into music onto 35mm  film strips that were fed into the synthesizer itself. The thing was lost for many years and has been discovered sitting in a barn in rural England. Check out the well-shot and hauntingly soundtracked video. (via Engadget).


How Pencils Are Made - 

A seriously boring topic made pretty dang interesting. Staedler makes incredible writing instruments and this video depicts just how the process happens with their simple pencils. (via Cool Hunter).


After Hours Update:

I wanted to point out that our friends over at Hammarhead Industries, whom we wrote about last week, got a nice writeup on Cool Hunting after this post was published this morning. You should give it a look by clicking here.