I received a package from MS & Co. yesterday containing 1 iPhone 4 selvedge denim sleeve, as mentioned a few days ago in ‘On the Lookout vol. 1’. I’ve enjoyed it quite a bit so far, as a new iPhone 4 user and having not wanted to conceal the beauty of the phone by putting an ugly bulky case on it. This is a great alternative for people who know that they take care of their stuff. If you’re that person who’s throwing their phone into the bottom of a bag or tossing it across your car, this probably ain’t gonna’ work for you. This provides a little protection from drops and bumps while mostly saving the glass front and back from a certain scratchy demise. Anyway, I’d recommend it. It’s simple and for all you denim heads out there, this thing will fix your jonze for some real American made Cone White Oak Denim. That’s exactly what it is.