Hank USA is trying to make our job easier. They’re a brand new web shop peddling only American-made goods with killer curating tactics, collaborations, and good photography. What does that mean for literally everyone who reads this site? A better experience in finding the best stuff made in the USA all in one spot. They’re starting small with some very carefully curated items, a few collaborations and a couple of original products. They’ve separated their shop into three general categories: originals, collaborations, and brands they love. Couldn’t be simpler. Click here to read our interview and see all of the photos.


Here’s a few words from co-founder Adam Rice:

“Part of the inspiration for Hank was where we grew up as kids. We weren’t in the city, but my co-founders and I grew up in the suburbs of Detroit and we saw firsthand what the departure of a manufacturing base did to the city.

Prior to Hank, the three of us ran a short-lived lifestyle blog that focused mainly on style. Through our blog, we discovered a lot of great brands that produce clothing and other goods domestically. However, no one place existed to buy these goods. Additionally, a lot of these brands don’t have the time or resources necessary to build and maintain great websites.

So, I would say that it was our interest in style coupled with our desire to support American manufacturers that inspired us to start Hank. It’s hard to believe, but we’ve been working on the site since last September so we’re really excited to get it out there. We have some really exciting plans for this fall, too. ”


Currently their brand list contains Pointer Brand, Rogue Territory, Parrott Canvas, Ebbets Field, Columbiaknit, Two Feet Ahead, Field Notes, Portland General Store, and Sanborn Canoe Co. with a few collaborations and plenty of original product on the horizon for the F/W season ahead.

The dudes at Hank were nice enough to send us their incredible collaborative bag done with Parrott Canvas along with one of their Slim Wallets which was created by the skilled folks at Gfeller Casemakers along with a pretty rad Hank-branded Los Angeles tee. We took the gear out and gave it a spin.



Let me be absolutely clear on this backpack: it’s incredibly gorgeous. The photos cannot possibly do it justice. I’ve been on an Indigo kick for nearly four years with no sign of rehab soon and while this bag is not indigo dyed canvas, it sure as hell looks like it. This is heavy weight fabric; not your typical Jansport stuff. Given it’s waxed nature and my truthfully fairly extensive experience with waxed canvas goods, I can attest to the fact that this bag is going to look kick ass after a few years of use. The zippers (there’s two of them) on this bag are insanely heavy duty. The kind of stuff you’re terrified as a kid but realize are just super well made as you get older and grow to appreciate quality goods. I’d go so far as to say that if you knock this zipper off track it’s your own damn fault. The straps are padded with some nice wool felt and stitched so that those things will never ever fall apart. Hank sourced some incredible aniline chromexcel leather from Horween in Chicago (note: every awesome Made in USA leather goods company that your’e all about uses Horween in some aspect of their production). That means that the bottom of this bag is durable and is going to look just as cool as the waxed uppers. They’ve also tucked a nice key holder into the front pocket to snag your keys so it doesn’t blow out your pockets (happened to me) or get lost along your ways.



The slim wallet is a great little number especially for dudes who travel particularly light. It has two slots and the leather flexes a surprising amount to accommodate several cards and your modest (but still well-endowed) cash horde. Excited to carry this thing for a few weeks and see how that natural leather ages. If my Tanner Goods natural belt is any indication it’s gonna’ be pretty.

As a total testament to the products in Hank’s inventory, I’ve owned a lot of the stuff they sell for some time now. I’ve had the Pointer Brand chore coat for a few years and it’s snuck it’s way into a lot of our photo shoots. The coat gets prettier every time I wear it and though it’s been mostly sequestered to outdoor field shoots and occasional days of poor weather, I still love breaking it out. They sell the exact pair of Rogue Territory’s I wear daily (check out our interview and visit w/ Karl, the owner of Rogue Territory, here). They sell the bath products I use from Portland General Store. Call it coincidence but I know good stuff when I see it. I fully stand behind all products in their inventory. I’m very excited to see how Hank shapes out as a brand and I’m sure their future original products and special collaborations will be something to behold.