Happy New Year!

2013 was another big year for us here at The American Classic. We celebrated yet another birthday and couldn’t be happier to be around to see another New Year as well. We like to do a little number crunching annually to gauge how we did and where we’d like to go in the upcoming year. This helps us stay on top of what we’re doing by reminding ourselves of what kinds of articles do the best here. In 2013 we visited 12 shops, shot 10 separate brands, released several new creative writing series, released a new video promoting upcoming works, released two seasonal playlists, and traveled to 5 different cities for coverage. Our viewership is up 150% from 2012 which was up an enormous 536% from 2011. Our Instagram account alone increased it’s following by a solid 500% this year which really makes us proud given that our account was created by accident after Rogue Territory errantly tagged us. We added Leslie Zacharkow to the team, a talented developer and designer working with us on a few different projects. All of this means progress for us and we’re really happy to be here doing it. As we said this time last year, there will be plenty of new programming this year and lots of features that will take us more in-depth with brands. Be looking for updates to how the site looks and feels and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or just want to say hello. Here’s to another year!

Our Top Posts of 2013: