A few weeks ago I visited a mens lifestyle shop in Venice, CA. called Tradesmen LA. The shop has an amazing selection of Baldwin and Tellason Denim, all the Velva-Sheen products you’ve never seen for sale before, Ursa Major, Pendleton, Five Brother, Palmer Trading Co., Rogue Territory, Truman Handcrafted, and more. Do a quick search on some of the lesser known brands they carry and you’ll find that much of their stock cleans up in the Japanese market, making this shop even more of a find for the dudes of LA. This is the kind of place you go for top of the line wardrobe staples that you can dress up or down and feel comfortable wearing without reservation as the craftsmanship is just that great. Click here to read the full article.

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The shop is easy to miss. It’s on a high-speed section of Lincoln Blvd. in between two relatively similar feeling spaces, Deus Ex (motorcycles, coffee, clothing) and Wurstkuche (sausages, beers, fries) though the gap between them is nearly a mile. Tradesmen may catch your eye only if you’re snagged at the traffic light of the intersection at which it resides (Superba & Lincoln) though it’s bright colors, glass storefront, and wood panelling will warmly invite you in. The shop was opened mid-2012 and in it’s young life has only garnered itself a full-fledged Facebook (website coming soon), though they do manage an Instagram and Twitter as well.






Ruben Leal and Doug Behner, owners of the shop, were retail executives for years before starting and their experience and knowledge of what makes a great product and beautiful retail design shows through the shop. The space has a kind of military surplus feel with much of the lettering in the shop being stenciled or typed on a typewriter. Wood, metal, and concrete are the two materials you’ll see most in the build out of the space which was facilitated by the two owners. Tradesmen is situated in a former ceramic studio space that has been remodeled for their needs. I spoke primarily with Ruben and just from our brief chat, it was easy to see that these guys are doing exactly what they want to and were made to do. They staff the shop 7 days a week, no other sales people involved. I was nothing but impressed with the care and time put into the selection and the shop itself. Do yourself a favor and check it out next time you’re in the Venice Beach area.












Tradesmen LA is located at:

1807 Lincoln Blvd.

Venice, CA.