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The Standard Relay: Outlaw Fasteners, Skinth Solutions, TCM Visits Red Wing, Secret Forts’ Fall Three, and more.

Posted on November 12, 2013


Outlaw Fasteners

Reinventing hardware, one screw at a time

I’m gonna’ level with you, I don’t install many nails/screws/fasteners in my day to day life. The times I do use them, I frequently wish that my drill had more torque or that I didn’t have to pre-drill holes. Maybe the drill shakes or the damn bit keeps stripping the screws (see first issue). Any way you look at it. Ye’ old Phillips head is a bit dated; enter Outlaw Fasteners who just raised over $109k on Kickstarter to kick screwings ass with 18 points of contact. Click on through for more info.

Skinth Solutions

For carrying the important stuff

Skinth has taken everything that’s awesome about military spec equipment and turned it into a beautiful product anyone would be proud to wear. I know plenty of folks who would gladly wear this every day rather than an uglier tool belt or blowing out their jean pockets/waist band. Comes in a range of colors/sizes/styles/options so take a look.

The Coveted Man Visits Red Wing

Beautiful photos from inside the factory

Jesse Lenz and Jay Gullion of The Coveted Man were sent by Barneys to check out the Red Wing factory. Their photos give insight to the process of creating these amazing boots (via A Continuous Lean).

Cool Hunting’s Lou Reed Tribute

‘Nuff Said

Cool Hunting has published a pretty awesome Lou Reed tribute featuring many interesting pieces of his life and career. In case you were missing from the world for the past week or so, Lou Reed has passed away leaving a legacy of amazing music through the years of rock ‘n roll development (via Cool Hunting).

Million Lines of Code

For the infographich lover

This is a cool visualization of popular or important things that use code to operate and how large they are in comparison to others. You’ll be surprised by a lot of these, some of which are much smaller that you’d have expected. Million Lines of Code visualization via Cool Hunting.

The Fall Three from Secret Forts

In the name of tradition

Every year James Wilson, from Secret Forts, publishes brief interviews with heavy hitters in the blog world (and writing/photography/general creative-sphere) about three things that are critical to their fall mindset. Here’s all of them to date, featuring: Matt Hranek of The William Brown Project, Mikael Kennedy from Apolis’ Nomad program, Foster Huntington of A Restless Transplant, Jeff Thrope of Cold Splinters, Chris Black of Done To Death Projects, Max Wastler of All Plaidout, Chris Bray of Billykirk, and James Fox of 10 Engines.

The Standard Relay: Los Angeles Bicycle Superhighway, LouFest 2013, Secret Forts visits ICA Boston, and Adobe Creative Cloud.

Posted on May 6, 2013


Los Angeles Bicycle Superhighway

This should have happened already…

I’ve been saying it forever, we need something exactly like this here in LA. Granted, my idea involves high-speed conveyor belts and a sorting system for people who are really good at riding bikes vs. people who actually don’t know how to ride one. A bicycle superhighway that connects portions of Los Angeles once almost actually happened. Found this via A Continuous Lean, though the original article is published on Vice.

LouFest 2013

Cool shit from my hometown

Look, I’m not a big festival go-er. There was a time and place where I went to Lollapalooza every year for a few years but those years are long gone. No festival until now has tempted me even for a moment to go back and relive hot, sweaty, and extraordinarily painful days of unwillingly rubbing body parts with other hot, sweaty humans. LouFest has been around for a few years in some form or another and this year the lineup is actually kick ass. Plus it’s in my hometown of St. Louis, MO. which I rarely have a good reason to visit (aside from family). Some of the highlights (for me) include Wilco, The National, Alabama Shakes, Jim James, Trampled by Turtles, and one of my personal favorites: J. Roddy Walston & the Business. Tickets are cheap, $95 for 2 days or if you’re rich and like free booze/food, $250 for 2 days. Check. It. Out. As an additional note, I don’t think any festival allows this aside from maybe Bonnaroo or more likely ROMP Bluegrass but Gear Patrol has just released a list of “festival must-haves”, so-to-speak. Worth it if you like gearing up for events.

Secret Forts ICA Field Trip

Neat photos with Hickoree’s

James Wilson from Secret Forts took a trip w/ the dudes from Hickoree’s/The Hill-Side on their delivery of a special run of The Hill-Side goods to the ICA in Boston. Cool photos ensued.

Adobe Axes the Creative Suite

Looks like we’re turning to the clouds…

We use Adobe on a daily basis for literally everything. They announced today that there will be no CS7 which is really huge news in tons of ways. Think about it; traditionally this heavyweight software suite which is catastrophically taxing on your bank account has suddenly become available for a monthly fee and can be downloaded. What?! Jesus. Half of our team is already using it. Now to get the other half moving…Includes regular updates to all software and all future versions in your monthly fee.

The Standard Relay: Harry’s Grooming, Muji’s Expansion, Juniper Ridge Soaps, House Industries App, & more.

Posted on March 18, 2013


Juniper Ridge Soaps

You know you want them…

I bet these things smell incredible. I seriously bet they do. Well Spent really thinks so, too. We haven’t smelled them yet but holy mackerel that packaging is good. Check ’em out.

Muji Expanding Operations

Finally. Holy hell…

Muji, the famed Japanese company making amazing affordable home/office/lifestyle products without a brand attached, is finally opening in Los Angeles this fall (via Dwell Online).

A Guide to WordPress Theme Development

They’ve been good to us…

WordPress has been really great to us. We’re featured on our themes promo page which makes us feel pretty special. Here’s a guide to developing a theme, improving your theme, or whatever you want to draw out of it. This can only make your existing WordPress site better. I hope.

Pretty Match Box Strike Zones

The better to…torch you with, my dear?

Someone decided to go and make the strike zones of match boxes look extra pretty and the result is success (via FastCo Design).

House Industries Photo Lettering App

Finally, a lack of cringe-worthy Instagrams.

Our favorite design/font house, House Industries, has put out an app that lets you put their famed photo lettering over your photos. Finally, this doesn’t look like shit.

Harry’s Grooming

From the people that brought you Warby Parker

Harry’s Grooming is another, likely incredible, grooming line for men coming from the genius minds behind Warby Parker. Check it out (found via Cool Hunting)!

The Standard Relay: Tenue de Nîmes, Papafoxtrot, Whiskies of the World, A Vest Comparison, & The Joinery NYC.

Posted on October 30, 2012

Tenue de Nîmes 2nd Store

Located in Haarlemmerstraat, Amsterdam

Not only is Haarlemmerstraat the only word you’ve ever heard of with 4 “A’s” paired into sets of two, but it’s probably a word you’ve never heard of before reading this. Unless you’ve been to Amsterdam. The ever-prolific shop Tenue de Nîmes has opened their second shop in Amsterdam and it looks beautiful. Click through to see several more photos of the shop (via Another Something & Co.).

Papafoxtrot’s Space Fleet

Keeping your mind soaring whilst chained to your desk

I’ve never heard of a company name like Papafoxtrot before and frankly it sounds kind of creepy; no matter, they make some awesome replicas of unmanned spacecrafts using extremely high quality materials. I highly recommend, if you’re in the market for moderately expensive but playful-looking desk decor, checking these out (via Gearpatrol)

Ian Buxton’s Whiskies to Try Before You Die

Global brown liquor. It’s crazy.

If you like whiskey and are tired of the usual American crock (of goodness, that is), check out this book that will seriously learn you a new one regarding the subject of foreign whiskies (via Cool Hunting).

The World of Vests


I don’t wear vests and neither does Steve but I’ve got plenty of friends who do and many of you may appreciate this nonetheless. FREE/MAN Brand has put together quite an impressive and well-thought-out collection of vests complete with photos and details on a few and links to the rest. Highly recommended if you were even for a brief moment considering purchasing one (via FREE/MAN Brand).

Joinery NYC

The newest, coolest webshop

The Joinery has opened online. Though it’s not new news, it’s worth a look if you haven’t already. Plenty of home goods to keep you occupied and though some are frightfully expensive, some are rather reasonably priced, especially for some of the more useful and handy items. Take a gander.

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The Standard Relay: The Hill-Side AW’12, Copper at London’s Design Festival, The American Classic’s Instagram, & more.

Posted on September 27, 2012

Copper at London’s Design Festival

Mighty. Pretty.

Copper is a beautiful thing. It’s got the whole package going for it; it maintains value, it looks great right out of the box, it looks even cooler with time as it oxidizes, and all things considered it’s fairly durable. Apparently there was a ton of it to be found at the recent London Design Festival. There’s some great pictures over at Cool Hunting; I recommend you take a look.

Michigan’s Manitou Island Wreck

A Good Read if You Have Time

Gear Patrol published a pretty great story about a shipwreck in Michigan. You should check it out.

The Hill-Side A/W’12 LB

They’re Back.

The Hill-Side has put out their A/W’12 lookbook as shot by their friends from around the globe with disposable cameras. Somehow it isn’t on their site yet but you can check out the shots via Complex Mag.

Vintage Headphone Hangers

Headphones as Hangers. Not the Other Way Around.

Cool Material published a few photos of some great vintage headphones retrofitted as hangers. It’s actually way cooler than it sounds so give it a look-see.

The American Classic Instagram

@TheAmericanClassic. Look it up.

We’re about to get all up in your Insta-feed. Assuming, that is, that you’ll have us. We’ve been talking about it for some time now and decided that given our recent expansion and coverage on both coasts, we’d like to present you with our somewhat behind-the-scenes offering on Instagram. You’ll get an inside look at some of the workings into our articles, some shop visits, and plenty of other neat stuff. You can find us there at @TheAmericanClassic. Welcome aboard.