Outlaw Fasteners

Reinventing hardware, one screw at a time

I’m gonna’ level with you, I don’t install many nails/screws/fasteners in my day to day life. The times I do use them, I frequently wish that my drill had more torque or that I didn’t have to pre-drill holes. Maybe the drill shakes or the damn bit keeps stripping the screws (see first issue). Any way you look at it. Ye’ old Phillips head is a bit dated; enter Outlaw Fasteners who just raised over $109k on Kickstarter to kick screwings ass with 18 points of contact. Click on through for more info.

Skinth Solutions

For carrying the important stuff

Skinth has taken everything that’s awesome about military spec equipment and turned it into a beautiful product anyone would be proud to wear. I know plenty of folks who would gladly wear this every day rather than an uglier tool belt or blowing out their jean pockets/waist band. Comes in a range of colors/sizes/styles/options so take a look.

The Coveted Man Visits Red Wing

Beautiful photos from inside the factory

Jesse Lenz and Jay Gullion of The Coveted Man were sent by Barneys to check out the Red Wing factory. Their photos give insight to the process of creating these amazing boots (via A Continuous Lean).

Cool Hunting’s Lou Reed Tribute

‘Nuff Said

Cool Hunting has published a pretty awesome Lou Reed tribute featuring many interesting pieces of his life and career. In case you were missing from the world for the past week or so, Lou Reed has passed away leaving a legacy of amazing music through the years of rock ‘n roll development (via Cool Hunting).

Million Lines of Code

For the infographich lover

This is a cool visualization of popular or important things that use code to operate and how large they are in comparison to others. You’ll be surprised by a lot of these, some of which are much smaller that you’d have expected. Million Lines of Code visualization via Cool Hunting.

The Fall Three from Secret Forts

In the name of tradition

Every year James Wilson, from Secret Forts, publishes brief interviews with heavy hitters in the blog world (and writing/photography/general creative-sphere) about three things that are critical to their fall mindset. Here’s all of them to date, featuring: Matt Hranek of The William Brown Project, Mikael Kennedy from Apolis’ Nomad program, Foster Huntington of A Restless Transplant, Jeff Thrope of Cold Splinters, Chris Black of Done To Death Projects, Max Wastler of All Plaidout, Chris Bray of Billykirk, and James Fox of 10 Engines.