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The Standard Relay: Corter’s Bottle Hooks, Nau Wool Organizer, Taylor Stitch Summer Denim, & more.

Posted on May 29, 2012

Shutter Island

Not the film you’re thinking of

This is pretty. And excellently edited. Enjoy [via Gear Patrol]:

Kaihara 8oz. Selvedge

Summer-Weight Japanese Denim

Taylor Stitch has put out an 8oz. selvedge denim for summery-purposes. The line on these guys reminds me of some of the deadstock selvedge rolls my grandfather has lying around from his old fabric business: extremely bold detailing. It appears they’re sold out of every size of the very reasonably priced pant but hopefully we’ll see a re-stock soon.

Nau Wool Organizer

Die Cut for design precision

From first glance, this thing looks rather unimpressive. That is until it’s unfolded and all of the storage pockets are revealed. This thing can handle all of your small electronics and folds up neatly into a little triangular package. I think we could find a use for several of these around The AC headquarters.

Corter Bottle Hooks

Three colors to tickle your fancy

Corter Leather ran a fantastically successful Kickstarter campaign to launch their newest product: well-designed bottle hooks that slip nicely onto a belt loop. They come in three colors (copper, pewter, or powder-coated red) and are available for pre-order in the web shop. We got a chance to manhandle a few at Confirmed Stock and they’re well constructed and excellently designed. The photos do them the great justice they deserve.

Slow-Mo Skatbeoarding

FPS to Infinity and Beyond

I’m a sucker for everything with a ridiculously high frame rate. This has nothing to do with anything. Visual entertainment purposes only [via Devour]:

The Standard Relay: Outlier x The Hill-Side, Bottled Cocktails, Field Notes’ Beginnings, & more.

Posted on April 25, 2012

Outlier x The Hill-Side Spring Vest

Two of our favorites

Outlier, one of our consistent favorites, has launched a collaboration with The Hill-Side bringing forth a very nice springtime vest, just warm enough to get you comfortably through the chillier days and nights but just sharp enough aesthetically that you probably won’t want to take it off. Speaking of both of these brands, Hickoree’s has just put up a few other items from Outlier in their web shop. Certainly something to check out. (Photo: Hickoree’s)

Kevin Diedrich’s Bottled Cocktails

Old article, great news

These things are ingenious. I’ve had those crappy canned/bottled cocktails from the corner liquor store and if you haven’t, you know you’ve been curious what they’re like. Well let me go ahead and spoil this for you; these things aren’t a damn thing like that and praise the high heavens for that. They sound delicious and seem to be of the highest caliber of quality. Check out the whole article from Bon Apetit.

Field Notes’ Beginnings

Insightful view on Field Notes

Pocket notebooks in recent years have become ubiquitous with folks being “creative types” or harkening back to yesteryear when people didn’t tote around smartphones in their pockets, tablets under their arms, and laptops in their bags. I use smaller notebooks for remembrance or note taking, granted not this particular brand, but you can find them pretty much everywhere. This is a neat video discussing the initial inspiration for Field Notes. Note: If the video does not play, it’s because the theme developers haven’t figured out how to make this work yet in two-column format. We’re sticking with two-column so here is the link to the video if all else fails.

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/40182652]

Gentlemen’s Reserve 2012

It’s happening again

The second iteration of the Canadian menswear event has announced a date: May 5th & 6th at Old Faithful Shop in Vancouver, BC. The event’s run by FREE/MAN Brand and has a very nice selection of participants. I recommend taking a look on their site. Embedded promo video included.

FREE/MAN Brand Spring Kit. No. 5

Sharp looks

Truthfully, I usually don’t dig the “Kits” that F/MB puts together but that’s a personal thing. Because I liked this one so much, I couldn’t help but tack it onto the end here. Really well done. Minus the cargo pants (via FREE/MAN Brand).

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The Standard Relay: Handsome Coffee x WoodSmithe, Hiut Denim, Levi’s Commuter Collection, & Tsutaya Books

Posted on March 13, 2012


Handsome Coffee Roasters x WoodSmithe

A Gorgeous Video on a New Shop

This has been out for a little bit but the video is absolutely gorgeous. Makes me proud to have such a strong tie to the coffee industry when videos of this caliber are released. Obviously it’s purely masturbatory to the aesthetics of caffeine meccas, specifically Handsome Coffee recently opened in Los Angeles, but it’s a feast for your eyes and really makes you want to grab a beer with the mustached gentleman.

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/36784535 w=1200&h=500]

Hiut Denim

Resurrecting a Denim Town

FREE/MAN Brand did a very nice interview with David Hieatt, owner of Hiut Denim from the UK. It’s got some heft to it so certainly take your time reading it. Very interesting insight to the start of a brand from a town that’s struggled greatly in recent years. If anyone can tell me how to pronounce Hiut Denim, you win bonus points. Use the comments below (via FREE/MAN Brand).

Levi’s Commuter Collection

At Long Last

I saw this after being roped into a few Twitter chains with Levi’s; they’ve put out a collection specifically pandering to the functionality of cycling as transportation which is excellent. Granted, I may not buy one of their bags but the 3M reflective-trimmed selvedge line (appropriate usage? Probably not.) is an excellent route to pursue, especially considering that their closest competitor making something similar is Rapha and their products cost more than twice as much.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtbRy0j6hmA w=1200&h=500]

Tsutaya Books

Japanese Design in Media Consumption Form

Monocle Magazine did an excellent report on Tsutaya Books’ recently remodeled location. The new shop provides space to consume your recently purchased media in a cozy environment. The place is more like a library meets dark-wood paneled club for ad executives in the 50s with a back catalog of ridiculous proportions. Hundreds of thousands of books, rare magazines, movies, and CDs line the walls. In the age of the death of print media and the physical record, this place seems to be doing it right. Take a look at the video, free to access for now on Monocle’s site. (via February’s issue of Monocle Magazine)

The Standard Relay: Hammarhead Duomatic, Blue Highway Denim, General Quarters, Tenue De Nimes Big John, Disneyland 1957, and more.

Posted on February 13, 2012

Hammarhead Industries Duomatic

Rad Bikes from Philly

Hammarhead Industries is a custom motorcycle outfit based out of Philly. I’ve talked about them before, a few of my friends work for the company, and they churn out bikes that are nothing short of impressive. Speaking of bikes as in bicycles, Hammarhead has now put out their first one called the Duomatic. Below is a photo of my good friend Maxine riding the sucker into oblivion. My understanding is that they’re very much sold out but maybe you can get in touch and still try and snag one (via Cycle EXIF).

Tenue de Nimes Big John

Natural Indigo Selvedge Denim

I dig the faded indigo, I did the yellow selvedge line, and I dig the fit. Check it. They’re real slick. (pictured with my favorite boots, the Red Wing Iron Ranger).

Blue Highway Denim

Straight Outta’ Sweden

These dudes look batshit crazy but their denim looks great. All the way from Sweden. This is worth a look, I promise (via Cool Hunting).

General Quarters

Los Angeles

Mr. Williams at A Continuous Lean did a nice profile on General Quarters, a slick shop in Los Angeles. I tried to do a writeup on these guys while I was out there this past summer but they’re very busy and very difficult to get in touch with. Nice photos and it looks like the selection at the shop has bloomed quite nicely (via A Continuous Lean).


The Wooden Record Player

I don’t remember where I saw this so I apologize for not giving credit where credit is due. This is a video of a record player that plays rings of wood and translates it to music. My hunch is that it takes a special plate of wood to do this but it’s awesome and incredibly haunting. Check it out.

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/30501143]

Disneyland 1957

Vintage Video from Just After Opening

This is seriously worth a look. Awesome vintage video of the park right after it opened (via Devour).

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DOIBjQoCXLk]

Prime Burger NYC

Get Your Diner-Lust On

Cool video on Prime Burger, a very vintage diner-esque joint in NYC (via Devour).

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/35965635]

Standard Relay: Red Wing 4563, Denham Steamer Trunk, Vice Guide to North Korea, Post Overalls Engineer Jacket, Artisanal Pencil Sharpening, and more.

Posted on December 27, 2011

Red Wing Heritage 4563 Boot:

Available at Select Nordstrom’s Department Stores

I’ve seen this on a few different sites now but it’s worth a mention anyway. If you live near one of the lucky Nordstrom stores graced with this special boot’s presence, go check ’em out and tell me what you think. I’d love to hear all about it and I’m sure your wardrobe could benefit from a pair (mine certainly could). This boot was built specifically for farmers because of it’s high durability but lasting comfort all based upon a hybrid construction. You can find the boots at the following Nordstrom stores:

  • WA:  Seattle and Bellevue Square
  • CA:  San Francisco, South Coast Plaza, Topanga, The Grove, Santa Monica & Fashion Valley
  • UT:  Fashion Place
  • CO:  Cherry Creek
  • MN:  Mall of America
  • MI:  Michigan Ave
  • OH:  Eastern Town Center
  • PA:  King of Prussia
  • NJ:  Garden State Plaza
  • VA:  The Fashion Center at Pentagon

Interview w/ Rye & Rivet:

Yours Truly Interviewing for Mt. Vernon Book Co.

A few weeks ago I was interviewed by Rye & Rivet about a project I run called Mount Vernon Book Co. We make card cases and hefty leather journals by hand using thick beeswaxed thread. I like her approach to interviewing and I think it turned out well. Take a look and let me know what you think! For reference, we are out of stock of everything until mid-January as we’re outfitting the Natural Process denim show on Jan. 13th. While we’re currently not taking orders, you can shoot me an e-mail and I can put you on the list to let you know when we’re back in action if you’re interested.

Denham Steamer Trunk:

Created by Method Design From Scotland

This thing was actually created for Denham (a jeans maker from Amsterdam) by Method Design from Scotland. It’s a trunk meant for carting around denim and it’s various compatible products which you might think is entirely useless and clunky especially for traveling, and really who’s given one garment it’s own case since hat boxes were cool? I think the trunk would be a very cool item to use for companies doing trade shows or pop-up shops. I would love to see a company roll around with a few of these showcasing their pairs, maybe some of the ingredients into their goods, and sell them right out of the trunk. Just like it used to be (via Selectism).

Vice Guide to North Korea:

Excellent Videos to Keep You Entertained & Informed

In light of recent events, I thought it’d be very appropriate to post these videos that came out quite a while ago yet no one I know has actually seen them. Vice Magazine does a bang-up job of putting out these “travel guide” videos which really aren’t travel guide videos at all and especially in the case of this 3-part series, helps you understand the craziness of the places they visit. For North Korea, that’s really all I wanted to hear about so this fit perfectly. Cut up into 3 twenty-minute segments, they’ll work perfectly for even you with the shortest attention span on earth. I would have embedded these but it’s better quality from their page.

Vice’s North Korea pt. 1

Vice’s North Korea pt. 2

Vice’s North Korea pt. 3

Post Overalls Hooded Engineer Jacket:

Sharp Looks, Excellent Functionality

I don’t know why I like this thing, maybe it’s because orange is my favorite color and the weather’s finally turning for the worst or that I just learned of the term “foul weather” and I like that whole lot. Either way this jacket looks sharp and looks incredibly well made. You can pick one up here for an arm and a leg (via Selectism).

Post Artisanal Pencil Sharpening:

Real or Fake? You Be the Judge

Excuse me?” asked my friend as I told them about Artisanal Pencil Sharpening. “Is that a real thing?” I have no idea, to tell you the truth. If you told me this was an elaborate joke (services rendered and all that business but wasn’t seriously in it to win it) I wouldn’t be surprised in the least. David Rees sharpens your pencils for you by hand or you can pick one up for him. Doing what machines long ago replaced can either be charming or alarmingly hard-headed. Unless of course, this whole thing is in fact a joke.

Ben Sherman Conversations in Modernism:

Good Videos by Ben Sherman

Ben Sherman did a pretty interesting series of (bear with me) filmed and slightly staged conversations between two creative types. There’s three videos between six different people including shoemakers, musicians, photographers, etc. Some are certainly better than others and the whole concept and way of shooting them (kind of like you’re that ignored friend at the head of the table that got invited because you were in the room when the other two made plans…right?) is a little odd, but the first one at least is worth a look.

Natural Process Denim Show:

A Study in Worn Denim

 Our A.C.-produced denim show, Natural Process, is just around the corner and we’re getting excited to show you everything we’ve got! 3Sixteen Denim just joined the show late last week and we’re gearing up to start last-minute promotions right after New Years. We hope to see you there or hope you see some awesome pictures afterwards!

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The Standard Relay: Billykirk x Need Supply Co., Natural Process denim show, Machine Shop Lighting, Imogene + Willie’s Nashville Guide, and more.

Posted on December 15, 2011

Billykirk x Need Supply Co.'s Schoolboy Satchel Bag: 

Let’s be real here, no schoolboy will be carrying this thing. Even the waspiest kids on earth would get their asses walloped at prep school for hauling this sucker around. But you won’t. No siree. You’ll get some pretty swell looks from whoever you pass on the street, assuming you don’t drive to work. $365 from Need Supply Co. (Found via Selectism).

Travelin' Around: Imogene + Willie's Guide to Nashville: 

This is a really super article written by Matt & Carrie Eddmenson of Imogene + Willie for Park & Bond. Take a look around it especially if you’re headed to Nashville sometime soon or were even thinking of it.


Natural Process: a study in worn denim:

Just a reminder that this show is taking place January 13th in Philadelphia @ Elixr Coffee. As the event draws nearer, there will be plenty of reminders but we’re not too far out there. Was glad to get some submissions for the show from readers and we have some exciting news regarding the show itself coming soon.


The 50 Most Iconic Cars in Motoring History:

This thing came out a couple of weeks ago but it’s worth a look. Lots of pictures of nice cars. That is all (Found via Gear Patrol).


Machine Shop Lighting Co.:

These rad looking lights are created in Austin, Texas and take lighting/homeware and science to a cool place. Reminiscent of some Schoolhouse Electric Supply stuff. (Found via Gear Patrol).


Dogs Sticking Their Heads out of Windows:

Look, this doesn’t have anything to do with anything but if you like dogs you’ll probably like this.

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The Standard Relay: Makers in the Modern Era, Vintage Camera Nightlights, Aether Apparel’s Airstream, Geoff Watts of Intelligentsia Coffee, and more.

Posted on November 23, 2011

Makers in the Modern Era catalog: 

Basically a great photo set of Portland-based artisans working in their shops. The professions cover a host of walks of life so there’s a little something for everyone here. (via Cool Hunting).

Vintage Camera Nightlights: 

Exactly what it sounds like. Vintage camera night lights. They look neat and will match your Instagram/Hipstamatic app oh-so-perfectly. (via Curated Magazine).

Aether Apparel's Airstream Trailer:

I don’t know why this isn’t being done by every medium-sized apparel company in the U.S., probably because this ain’t exactly high season for taking a road trip. Regardless, check out some of the photos from Aether apparel’s airstream trailer that’s meandering it’s way around the U.S. (sort of) (via Cool Hunting).

Cool Hunting's Gift Guide:

Cool Hunting has put together a seriously extensive list of shit you need to buy for someone you love (or hate). It’s big, it’ll take a while to get through it, but I guarantee you will not be disappointed. If you don’t find something worth purchasing for someone else, maybe you’ll find something you like for yourself. Check it out.

Thermochromic Furnishings:

Seriously can’t believe this hasn’t existed before but this is exactly why designers are out there. Take something so simple and so great looking and make you feel like it’s something you could have done (but deep down you know you couldn’t). The pictures speak for themselves but check out the link to read up on it a little bit more (via Cool Hunting).


Sort the Criterion Collection by themes: 

The Criterion Collection now allows you to explore their massive trove of films by theme. And it’s well designed. Give it a little look before you rent that next movie on iTunes (via Gear Patrol).


An Interview with Geoff Watts of Intelligentsia Coffee: 

Having worked in and around the coffee industry for nearly ten years, I always jump on little bits like this especially when a big blog I follow picks up someone I respect for an interview. Geoff Watts of Intelligentsia Coffee (based out of Chicago and Los Angeles) did an interview with Cool Hunting and it’s worth a look. If you don’t know anything about coffee or how it gets to your cup, it’s time to get learned.

Happy Thanksgiving to all you American readers!

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