After a bit of a hiatus The Standard Relay is back and just in time for lookbooks dropping like flies. Wait…Anyway, here’s a roundup of lookbooks and other good stuff that’s been coming out this week. And last week, too.

Beauty & Youth United Arrows

F/W ’12 Lookbook

There’s not much here that really showcases clothing but the shoot looks like it was fun as hell. Click through for some highly stylized debauchery (via Selectism).

Private White V.C.

F/W ’12 Lookbook

A somewhat somber and serious looking shoot, the clothes look great and make me wish I still had a cold winter as a future here in Los Angeles. The clothes remind me of a mix between something I’d see from midwestern laborers and military personnel (via Selectism).

Happy Socks

F/W ’12 Lookbook

I fucking love Happy Socks. Not only is the name jaunty and over the top but their color schemes are wild and I really dig that. This lookbook showcases some awkward photos on colorful backgrounds making their socks pop like…I don’t even know. Click through to see the gallery (via Selectism).

Lifetime Collective

F/W ’12 Lookbook

I loved this lookbook. Something about the aesthetic struck home here, probably because it’s how we like to shoot things too. Check it (via Selectism).

Aether Apparel

Winter ’12 Lookbook

I’m always a fan of what Aether does, this is no exception. Click on through (via Another Something).