Outlier x The Hill-Side Spring Vest

Two of our favorites

Outlier, one of our consistent favorites, has launched a collaboration with The Hill-Side bringing forth a very nice springtime vest, just warm enough to get you comfortably through the chillier days and nights but just sharp enough aesthetically that you probably won’t want to take it off. Speaking of both of these brands, Hickoree’s has just put up a few other items from Outlier in their web shop. Certainly something to check out. (Photo: Hickoree’s)

Kevin Diedrich’s Bottled Cocktails

Old article, great news

These things are ingenious. I’ve had those crappy canned/bottled cocktails from the corner liquor store and if you haven’t, you know you’ve been curious what they’re like. Well let me go ahead and spoil this for you; these things aren’t a damn thing like that and praise the high heavens for that. They sound delicious and seem to be of the highest caliber of quality. Check out the whole article from Bon Apetit.

Field Notes’ Beginnings

Insightful view on Field Notes

Pocket notebooks in recent years have become ubiquitous with folks being “creative types” or harkening back to yesteryear when people didn’t tote around smartphones in their pockets, tablets under their arms, and laptops in their bags. I use smaller notebooks for remembrance or note taking, granted not this particular brand, but you can find them pretty much everywhere. This is a neat video discussing the initial inspiration for Field Notes. Note: If the video does not play, it’s because the theme developers haven’t figured out how to make this work yet in two-column format. We’re sticking with two-column so here is the link to the video if all else fails.

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/40182652]

Gentlemen’s Reserve 2012

It’s happening again

The second iteration of the Canadian menswear event has announced a date: May 5th & 6th at Old Faithful Shop in Vancouver, BC. The event’s run by FREE/MAN Brand and has a very nice selection of participants. I recommend taking a look on their site. Embedded promo video included.

FREE/MAN Brand Spring Kit. No. 5

Sharp looks

Truthfully, I usually don’t dig the “Kits” that F/MB puts together but that’s a personal thing. Because I liked this one so much, I couldn’t help but tack it onto the end here. Really well done. Minus the cargo pants (via FREE/MAN Brand).

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