This weekend we drove down to Baltimore, MD. for a visit with the fine gentlemen of Drexler, the firm behind Confirmed Stock, and the 18 stellar brands being presented at menswear’s latest pop-up shop. The event took place in an old church, perfectly matching the interesting blend of heritage brands, vintage shops, and new companies pedaling goods pandering to classic American sensibilities. The turnout was great and the space gave the illusion of being enormous but provided just enough walking room and vendor spaces to make it feel very cozy. We spent much of our time getting to know the dapper dudes from Lumina Menswear, Ed from Hellbrand Leatherworks, Andrew from Ball & Buck, Sandtown Millworks, Randolph Engineering, and Federal Shop but had the opportunity to say hello to nearly everyone in the room. We took a ton of photos but whittled it down to a few dozen; that being said, these photos are enormous and take a lot of time to load. When you’re viewing all of them, please be patient with your internet connection. To enlarge, open any image in a new tab/window. Make sure to click the link below  to see the entire set.

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