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As you’ve seen over the past few weeks we’re doing a lot of work with Eliot & Eads, an Americana Rock group originally from St Louis, MO., now scattered across the country. I drum for the group and we’ve been playing music together for several years. To see this album finally come to fruition, after attempting to record this several years ago without proper knowledge of what we were doing, is a personal victory on a number of levels; In addition to playing in the band, I produced the record with Peter (the singer/songwriter for most of these tunes), mixed the entire album, and edited all of the video. Steve Streisguth, your immensely talented director of photography here on The American Classic, shot 95% of the video used in the promotion of this record. Today the Kickstarter campaign to complete the record (The Flyover States) has launched in addition to the first single from the upcoming release, titled “Yellow Rose”.

“Yellow Rose” was an interesting track from the get-go. It wasn’t written for the original album and, I believe, was initially intended to be an acoustic track. After getting the band together (a rare occasion when the members live in Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and New Orleans), it sounded too good not to record it this way. Take a listen and I certainly hope you enjoy it. If you’ve got any spare change in your pockets or are looking to fund some arts-related things, we’d certainly appreciate your consideration. While we understand that many folks can’t part with cash right now, help us spread the word and we’ll be just as appreciative. Thanks in advance.


Eliot & Eads’ Kickstarter Campaign

Eliot & Eads on Vimeo

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