Moore & Giles Leather Work Apron

For those of us who don’t work behind a desk

To tell you the truth, I’ve grown a little tired of seeing companies churn out work aprons and charge an arm and a leg. It’s exactly what’s wrong with “workwear”, or maybe it’s the point of why it’s cool in fashion. Either way, I dig these aprons quite a bit. They’re more expensive than most but the pockets are well thought out, they’re cut extremely well, and the leather looks quite durable. Somehow they pull all this off without it appearing even remotely bondage-esque (via Cool Hunting).

Postcard from 1952

by Explosions in the Sky

I’m aware that Explosions in the Sky has it’s share of haters out there but it plays frequently at The AC HQ here in Philly helping to keep an air of focus in a very distracting environment.

White’s Boots x Imogene + Willie

Excellent collaboration between two companies

Imogene + Willie, primarily known for their denim, has churned out an awesome boot with the famous White’s Boots. While White’s isn’t as gargantuan as Red Wing, which has permeated almost every level of menswear, they do excellent work and these boots are a testament to that. They remind me of my RW Iron Rangers but I like the lines and trim on these quite a bit more. Make sure to check ’em out (via FREE/MAN Brand).

Baracuta ’12 Promo Video

The classic jacket in HD

Simple Threads

He’s been busy churning out the good stuff

Ryan from Simple Threads is a good all around dude. We’ve interviewed him in the past and had a few phone conversations with him over the years and as of late he’s been a bit quiet. I noticed he’s put out a few great articles lately, particularly one on “wearability” and it’s importance. As always, accompanied by great photos. Check it.

Presidential Campaign Posters

Ready-to-frame from the L.o.C.

The Library of Congress has put out a book of ready-to-frame presidential campaign posters from years of candidates. Obviously it doesn’t cover all of them but it’s still an excellent idea with great execution (via Gear Patrol).