This past weekend I was enormously fortunate to be able to be in Brooklyn, NYC for The Hill-Side’s Rummage Sale at Hickoree’s Hard Goods. For those of you that missed it, the sale is on top of their already insane Summer Sale, and included factory seconds, press samples, prototypes, and other kinds of amazing rare business for comparatively next to nothing. Ties and scarves were $20 apiece, handkerchiefs and pocket squares were $10. I think I was there at 5:01 and there was already a line to the end of the block. It was Black Friday the 13th madness as soon as the doors opened: ties flying back and forth, the metallic clack of clothes hangers sliding on every side of you, the envy of seeing the next guy in line with the perfect pocket square! Right as you get to the register, another box of ties comes out and everything reshuffles as you spy that perfect selvedge chambray from across the room. Despite the heat, nobody even touched the beer for at least half an hour. That’s focus.

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The Hill-Side & Co. collaborative project looks even better in person, but there were hands everywhere on that clothing rack, so you’ll have to trust me and check it out online.

The sale got so intense that by the end it was just a ‘Sal,’ and below is all that was left of piles of amazing merchandise.

I ended up picking up exactly what I hoped I would find, and then some. Specifically, I have been eyeing up that tumeric selvedge chambray scarf, and the covert hickory stripe chambray scarf, and it’s absolutely crazy that they had maybe two of each on the table. In my opinion, autumn can’t come fast enough, and now I have much more reason to look forward to it. I bolstered my tie collection with two beautiful selvedge ties and my first knit tie, not to mention a nice summery pocket square and two handkerchiefs. I am personally torn about using such nice fabric for handkerchiefs (which get abused by reputation), but I think I’ll let one hang out as a backup and in the meantime take advantage of the deal and really wear one in.

One of the best parts of the sale was that everyone from Hickoree’s & The Hill-Side was on deck to help out, so I had the pleasure of talking to almost everyone in the store (after the crowd thinned out, of course). Emil & Sandy are some of the nicest people ever, and as it turns out have a lot more ties to Philadelphia than I anticipated. Everybody that works there was incredibly friendly and welcoming, even through the stress of the event. I’ve said this before, but if you’re in the area in Williamsburg you should definitely swing through and check out the selection; I can hardly wait for their fall/winter set and you should be looking forward to it as well.