Ever heard of Paoli, PA? It’s a little town on the main line heading out from Philadelphia wedged into a block of towns that overlap into each other, each one somewhat indistinguishable from the last. At least that was my impression before we spent some time chatting with Foster & Charlotte, owners of the fine Trove General Store situated right in the middle of town. Let me clarify that “town” refers to a series of shopping centers and subdivisions situated off of the main drag, Lancaster Ave. The place isn’t rural; it certainly has a suburban feel to it. But stepping inside the shop immediately lets you know that these guys mean business in selling their extremely high quality goods and you shouldn’t be alarmed by their exterior appearance.

Make no mistake, we love this shop. I’d visited before but this trip was Steve’s first time and I think he thoroughly enjoyed the space. But these goods can be purchased at a number of places (with the exception of their jeans collaboration with Tellason and iPhone case collaboration with Truman/Teranishi Handcrafted), some of which can be found within the city limits of Philadelphia. So why are these guys out here, roughly 30 minutes outside of the city? Because the people here still use the stuff the way it was meant to be used. Foster & Charlotte had a great point, and we completely agree, that most folks sporting heritage American wear don’t actually use it the way it was intended to be used. Much of their clientele uses the Pendleton blankets, the Filson coats and bags, and Red Wing Boots for work and/or manual labor, not a costumed masquerade down Walnut St. with camo-printed pink-selvedged duck cloth pants. There’s something to be said for that.

Their brand list is astounding and the product range is incredible as well. They carry everything from gardening products, home goods, and bath products to clothing, flasks, and footwear. If you want a real-deal look at some of these amazing products, hear an informed opinion, gain some perspective on using heritage products, and meet some folks who are genuinely glad to see you, take a trip out to Trove. We highly recommend it. Click below to see the entire photo set.

Trove General Store is located at:

19 Paoli Shopping Center Paoli, PA 19301

They’re open Mon.-Sat: 10-6, Sunday: 12-5


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