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Doughboy Watch Co. Revisited

Posted on May 16, 2014

Doughboy Watch Company Masthead
Just barely over a year ago, we introduced to you our friends at Doughboy Watch Co. in Philadelphia, PA. Tom, the man behind the loupe, takes turn-of-the-century mechanical masterpieces refurbishes them into the precision timepieces they once were, before putting it on your wrist in the style of a WWI trench watch. These beauties belong on your arm, and the absence of batteries means you will always know what time it is no matter what part of the world you may find yourself in, and no matter how long you’re there.

Introducing: The DoughBoy Watch Co.

Posted on March 21, 2013




We’d like to introduce to you a new venture from some old friends: The DoughBoy Watch Co, located right in our hometown of Philadelphia. Tom Loveland is the man behind the torch, restoring turn-of-the-century pocketwatches in the style of WWI trench watches. From DoughBoyWatchCo.com, “…since timed attacks were, well very important, being late was not a good thing.  Pocket watches were great, but pulling one out while holding a rifle was a little cumbersome.  So what was called the “trench watch” began showing up on the wrists of infantrymen on all sides.” Think you’ll be able to find batteries for your Casio after the apocalypse? Think again. These watches are as old as your Granddad and just sharp. There is a limited selection right now, and since each piece is quite literally one-of-a-kind, you would do well to keep your eyes on their shop page. This is only the beginning, however; there are whispers of high-end watches, custom leather, and much more. All in good time. Click the jump for more photos of what it takes to restore one of these beauties.

Portable: The Curator’s Conference, NYC

Posted on September 13, 2012

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the Curator’s Conference, hosted by the agency Portable, just in time to kick off Fashion Week in NYC. The conference hosted a number of speakers from the film, fashion, and travel industries. Some of the speakers, Josh Rubin of Cool Hunting and Chris Corrado of Capsule, offer curated content and experiences and spoke about a holistic view of the curated experience. From a slightly different viewpoint, filmmaker Gia Coppola and director Warren Fu broached the topic of curation from the sense of the selection and organization of a series of images in time. Hit the jump for the writeup and more photos.

Hickoree’s + The Hill-Side Rummage Sale

Posted on July 17, 2012

This past weekend I was enormously fortunate to be able to be in Brooklyn, NYC for The Hill-Side’s Rummage Sale at Hickoree’s Hard Goods. For those of you that missed it, the sale is on top of their already insane Summer Sale, and included factory seconds, press samples, prototypes, and other kinds of amazing rare business for comparatively next to nothing. Ties and scarves were $20 apiece, handkerchiefs and pocket squares were $10. I think I was there at 5:01 and there was already a line to the end of the block. It was Black Friday the 13th madness as soon as the doors opened: ties flying back and forth, the metallic clack of clothes hangers sliding on every side of you, the envy of seeing the next guy in line with the perfect pocket square! Right as you get to the register, another box of ties comes out and everything reshuffles as you spy that perfect selvedge chambray from across the room. Despite the heat, nobody even touched the beer for at least half an hour. That’s focus.

Hit the jump for more photos…

Hammarhead Industries Day Pack

Posted on April 9, 2012

–EDIT: September 12, 2013
In light of recent events regarding Hammarhead Industries’ customer service reputation, we would like to warn our readers against purchasing from them online. While their online shop is still ‘functional’ in the sense that you can still pay for an item, they have not been responsive to any customer inquiries regarding lost payments, deposits, or delivery of product. Their lack of any kind of presence is disappointing for us, as I’m sure it does for you, and we will keep our readers abreast of any information that might help them recoup their losses.–

Hammarhead Industries just released the newest addition to their line of soft goods, the HHI Day Pack. Built at the request of a Jack Pine (modified Triumph Scrambler) customer, this bomb-proof bag is made out of the toughest materials available and paired down to the absolute (modern) necessities. 15″ laptop sleeve, iPad sleeve, Kindle & passport sleeve. No key-ring, no ice-axe loops, and no headphone port for your discman. But how big is it, you ask? The HHI Day Pack is specifically designed to hold an entire bag of groceries standing up. The steaks and beer you will carry in it are kept safe from the elements by boot leather stitched onto 15oz Martexin Waxed Duck Canvas. The straps are the same that hold you into a racing harness, and the buckles are designed to attach you to a parachute. Oh yea, and it only comes in black. Matt Trigaux, Creative Director for Hammarhead Industries, invited The American Classic down for some photos and his first exclusive interview. Afterward, we chased Mason around Philadelphia on a Jack Pine to show you just how nicely this thing carries your daily necessities, be it steaks & beer, cameras & clothes, or gasoline & croissants.