We’d like to introduce to you a new venture from some old friends: The DoughBoy Watch Co, located right in our hometown of Philadelphia. Tom Loveland is the man behind the torch, restoring turn-of-the-century pocketwatches in the style of WWI trench watches. From DoughBoyWatchCo.com, “…since timed attacks were, well very important, being late was not a good thing.  Pocket watches were great, but pulling one out while holding a rifle was a little cumbersome.  So what was called the “trench watch” began showing up on the wrists of infantrymen on all sides.” Think you’ll be able to find batteries for your Casio after the apocalypse? Think again. These watches are as old as your Granddad and just sharp. There is a limited selection right now, and since each piece is quite literally one-of-a-kind, you would do well to keep your eyes on their shop page. This is only the beginning, however; there are whispers of high-end watches, custom leather, and much more. All in good time. Click the jump for more photos of what it takes to restore one of these beauties.