Juniper Ridge Soaps

You know you want them…

I bet these things smell incredible. I seriously bet they do. Well Spent really thinks so, too. We haven’t smelled them yet but holy mackerel that packaging is good. Check ’em out.

Muji Expanding Operations

Finally. Holy hell…

Muji, the famed Japanese company making amazing affordable home/office/lifestyle products without a brand attached, is finally opening in Los Angeles this fall (via Dwell Online).

A Guide to WordPress Theme Development

They’ve been good to us…

WordPress has been really great to us. We’re featured on our themes promo page which makes us feel pretty special. Here’s a guide to developing a theme, improving your theme, or whatever you want to draw out of it. This can only make your existing WordPress site better. I hope.

Pretty Match Box Strike Zones

The better to…torch you with, my dear?

Someone decided to go and make the strike zones of match boxes look extra pretty and the result is success (via FastCo Design).

House Industries Photo Lettering App

Finally, a lack of cringe-worthy Instagrams.

Our favorite design/font house, House Industries, has put out an app that lets you put their famed photo lettering over your photos. Finally, this doesn’t look like shit.

Harry’s Grooming

From the people that brought you Warby Parker

Harry’s Grooming is another, likely incredible, grooming line for men coming from the genius minds behind Warby Parker. Check it out (found via Cool Hunting)!