Los Angeles Bicycle Superhighway

This should have happened already…

I’ve been saying it forever, we need something exactly like this here in LA. Granted, my idea involves high-speed conveyor belts and a sorting system for people who are really good at riding bikes vs. people who actually don’t know how to ride one. A bicycle superhighway that connects portions of Los Angeles once almost actually happened. Found this via A Continuous Lean, though the original article is published on Vice.

LouFest 2013

Cool shit from my hometown

Look, I’m not a big festival go-er. There was a time and place where I went to Lollapalooza every year for a few years but those years are long gone. No festival until now has tempted me even for a moment to go back and relive hot, sweaty, and extraordinarily painful days of unwillingly rubbing body parts with other hot, sweaty humans. LouFest has been around for a few years in some form or another and this year the lineup is actually kick ass. Plus it’s in my hometown of St. Louis, MO. which I rarely have a good reason to visit (aside from family). Some of the highlights (for me) include Wilco, The National, Alabama Shakes, Jim James, Trampled by Turtles, and one of my personal favorites: J. Roddy Walston & the Business. Tickets are cheap, $95 for 2 days or if you’re rich and like free booze/food, $250 for 2 days. Check. It. Out. As an additional note, I don’t think any festival allows this aside from maybe Bonnaroo or more likely ROMP Bluegrass but Gear Patrol has just released a list of “festival must-haves”, so-to-speak. Worth it if you like gearing up for events.

Secret Forts ICA Field Trip

Neat photos with Hickoree’s

James Wilson from Secret Forts took a trip w/ the dudes from Hickoree’s/The Hill-Side on their delivery of a special run of The Hill-Side goods to the ICA in Boston. Cool photos ensued.

Adobe Axes the Creative Suite

Looks like we’re turning to the clouds…

We use Adobe on a daily basis for literally everything. They announced today that there will be no CS7 which is really huge news in tons of ways. Think about it; traditionally this heavyweight software suite which is catastrophically taxing on your bank account has suddenly become available for a monthly fee and can be downloaded. What?! Jesus. Half of our team is already using it. Now to get the other half moving…Includes regular updates to all software and all future versions in your monthly fee.