A list of a few companies I’ve been interested in lately. If you’re looking for graduation gifts (’tis the season), this is a pretty good unconventional list. Included in vol. 1 are MS & Co., Saddleback Leather, Benchmade Knives, and Uniform Wares timepieces:

MS & Co.Started by Phil Bunting with the creation of his Mocc Socks (socks meant for loafers/moccs that are invisible while wearing the shoes), they now have a line of selvedge denim gadget cases for iPad, MacBook, iPhone, and glasses. Fortunately they sprung for the good stuff on these guys, utilizing the gold standard Cone White Oak denim. Trust me when I say that the grade of this denim is nothing but top notch.

Saddleback – Saddleback Leather has a ridiculously lengthy, yet heartwarming story that’s certainly worth a read if you take interest in their products at all. For several years now, I’ve known them as the definitive source for expertly crafted leather bags, cases, etc. Their stuff is built to last longer than you are which perfectly panders to my pursuit of high quality craftsmanship. I’m thinking this company has “graduation gifts” written all over it. See below for a picture of their very handsome briefcase.

Benchmade – These guys setup shop a little over 20 years ago and have since blown up to being basically the gold standard of American made knives. I’m not into weapons/tactical gear as a whole but I have an undying respect for high precision, beautiful tools like these especially when used properly and cared for.

Uniform Wares – This company has been hyped to no end but still catches my eye every time I see one on the street (and their owners love to talk about them). The first time I saw one in person was on Ryan Walker, co-owner of Horne (an excellent online shop based in Philly). The timepieces stick out because they’re so unassuming and that’s a good thing, believe me. In the world of oversized gaudy watches, these guys have cut something inherently classic. The company started in London in 2009 and my understanding is the majority of their timepieces are manufactured in Switzerland, as they should be. My understanding is that they have a new line coming out fairly soon, something like the 150 Series. Keep an eye out for that…

Saddleback Leather Briefcase

Uniform Wares 300 Series Chronograph