This is a little bit late but about six weeks ago I found myself in Prague, Czech Republic on a last-minute Spring Break journey away from Philadelphia. I flew from Philadelphia to St. Louis to visit family quickly before flying through Chicago Midway, London Heathrow, then finally to Prague. The city’s gorgeous and has a pretty amazing history, specifically that of medieval times and the early 20th century. There’s currently a fairly heavy wave of design firms moving to the area which has helped boost the economy (despite U.S.A. still having the upper hand in the exchange rate battle), unfortunately we found it on our last day there so I didn’t do the best job of documenting what’s happening. The following is a brief photographic recount of some things I saw. Click on all photos to enlarge.

Much of what Prague has to offer is either religiously based (Churches (tons of them), burial sites for Saints, World War II cemeteries, etc.) or art based in one way or another. There’s a lot of cool architectural stuff happening around the city, additionally product design firms have set up shop here and are adding a nice splash of modernism in a somewhat pre-21st century city. Our last night in the city we ate at a restaurant called Klub Architektu which was in the catacomb-esque basement of a design school/retail shop/gallery space. Very cool, very cheap, very tasty. It was interesting to see the mix of those things built into one complex, the entirety of which was located on the grounds of an abandoned church.

There’s some stuff scattered through here that might not be easy to tell exactly what it is. If you have any questions, put ’em in the comments. The tank with holes in it was outside of Architektu (it’s art, not done naturally or left to rot), the USA WWII Jeep was an awesome find on the street in Prague, and the Bernese Mountain Dog reminded me of home despite her owner not speaking a word of English.

USA World War II Jeep

Dancing House, Frank Gehry,

Made me miss mine at home.