Recently I picked up a duffle bag from Jack Spade. I was in need of something a little better looking than your standard issue black cordura duffle while still keeping it mostly low key, durable, and on a low-ish budget (I picked this up on sale for about $110, usually retailing above $200). If you’re looking for flash, this bag ain’t for you. It resembles a mason’s tool bag so if you’re after something of high quality that’s well designed and can definitely get you through a weekend or more (if you’re really good at packing), this puppy’s right up your alley. Follow the link below to read the rest of the review/see more photos.

The bag is made from a fairly thick brown boat canvas with stitches (visible from the outside) to create pockets on the inside. They’re riveted at the top of the seams to ensure further durability. There are side pockets on either end of the bag and a large strap to throw it over a shoulder. The blue trim (which also covers the very bottom portion, not visible here) is made of tarpaulin, the fancy name for tarp. Unfortunately this also means that for some time during the beginning of this bag’s life it gives off a strong odor of, yes, tarp. While this doesn’t transfer to your clothing inside the bag, it certainly is noticeable from the outside. I haven’t found this bag for sale anywhere else but the closest things currently available through Jack Spade are the circular duffle (slightly smaller) and the tote bag (which as I write this is on sale). Same materials, same construction. Would recommend them all.