Rabbit Island - 

This is a bizarre story about a little island in Lake Superior purchased by a few guys who had a vision of building a small artists collective and shelters on the island. That being said, they’ve got a pretty rad site and they have an architecture competition going on currently. I know at least several of you who are architects so consider adding this one to your portfolio.


Tiny Chicago -

I’m sure for at least some of you this will be the first tilt-shift video you’ve ever seen, so enjoy it.


Red Wing Shoes Amsterdam - 

To commemorate their anniversary in Amsterdam, Red Wing Shoes has put out a video of shots of the store. Pretty well done, worth a glance. They also used the opportunity to announce the launch of a (new?) online store coming soon.


Brooklyn Cruiser - 

I should have just written this up when I had the chance last week but decided to sit on the article until today. It’s been getting buzz all over the internet for it’s sharp looks but mainly it’s ridiculously reasonable price. You can check out the article in Gear Patrol by clicking here.


Quoddy Video - 

The workshop behind the legendary footwear. If you’ve heard of them or have any interest in the manufacturing process of fine goods, you should check this video out.