Bloomington, Indiana is the home of Indiana University weighing in with nearly 42,500 students, taking up almost 60% of the town’s population. Known extensively for their unparalleled sense of school pride, every spring students ready themselves for a cycling event of epic proportions: the Little 500. Modeled after the Indianapolis 500, the race began in 1951 with students putting together a track race in which fraternities and independent teams (University-affiliated, of course) could compete. A solid few weeks of events and partying built themselves around the main event of the men’s track race on a Saturday in April every year. The women’s race was added later which takes place the day before, along with ‘Miss-n-Out’ (taking place two weeks prior) which is an elimination-style track race dropping the last rider to cross the finish line every lap.

Little 500

A running of the race in the 70s.