I took a low key trip on Sunday with my friend Mark to check out a shop I’d heard about for a while in Manayunk, PA called 3 Potato 4. They specialize in vintage furnishings and random objects and have made quite a name for themselves in the process. Having been around since 2007, they’ve had plenty of time and done a good job of keeping the collection rolling. Most of the stuff they had, while amazing, was seriously out of our budget but I managed to pick up a commemorative pennant from the first lunar landing in 1969. The pennant is by no means rare, you can even find it for cheaper online but for a spur of the moment purchase in an unexpected location I was quite pleased. They open their doors to the public two days a month for their “Barn Sales” and are worth a look if you’re in Philadelphia. It’s an easy train ride to Manayunk if you’re just visiting but they also have most of their stock online. Happy hunting.

Next Barn Sale: Oct. 29th & 30th, 2011 10am-5pm

Location: 3 Potato 4. 376 Shurs Lane Bldg. A. Philadelphia, PA 19128 (267) 335-3633