Libertine Libertine FW '11: 

Good fabrics and wooden buttons! I’ve been a sucker for those lately. Found via Another Something & Co. 


Analog Vinyl Sampling: 

This video isn’t particularly informative but it’s fun to watch vinyl records being spliced and diced. Found via Selectism.



Instrument Photography:

Photographer Pat Graham has put out a new book featuring unique instruments and musical periphery. Check out the little writeup here at Selectism.


L.L. Bean Handsewn Eastport Moc Boot:

Let me point out that I hate it when people tie their shoes (or rather, don’t tie) as pictured below. Regardless these things are snazzy and you’ll need ’em in the coming months. Found via Gear Patrol.

Hans Leather Chair: 

Listen, I can’t afford this thing and odds are neither can you. But it’s still gorgeous and worth at least an ounce of admiration. I’m headed to see an Eames documentary screening tonight so maybe my design hormones are just raging today. Found via Gear Patrol.

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