Monocle Magazine Radio (24):

Monocle’s a great publication, no doubt about it. Their decision to not allow their publication in the iPad market can either be viewed as foolish or an act of brand preservation. However they’ve recently launched their “M 24” radio service, a round the clock streaming internet radio show featuring a whole host of different programs ranging from talk shows on cooking and international headlines to blocks of music and briefings for your morning. This particular service is available both online and as an iPhone/iPad app. Certainly check it out online before you decide to buy the app but I think it’s a worthy investment especially if you spend much time in the car. As a side note, I’d like to point out that This American Life has an app out where you can listen to any episode they’ve ever done. This is absolutely insane and I insist you purchase it immediately. Blew my mind when I found out about it; sorry if I’m late to the party.


Tanner Goods Roll Tote Collaboration w/ Tellason: 

Tanner Goods does damn good work and so does Tellason so their collaboration naturally must be a stroke of genius. It might be a bit short of that but it still looks sharp and is very functional and these days that’s about all we can ask for. They’ve released a little writeup and some photos in their blog which you can read here.


Criterion Collection on iTunes:

The Criterion Collection has made it’s way to iTunes. The collection contains some of the most incredible films of all time in their most natural form which is a beautiful thing in the age of hyper digitalization and shit movies. Maybe it cuts out the physical aspect of getting some of their incredible liner notes for each film but it certainly makes renting/buying this stuff a whole lot easier. [via MacRumors].


The Killspencer Weekender:

I’d say this little film is about a minute too long but it certainly makes you want to go buy one, grab the girl, and head out to some desert retreat. Check it out, looks real sharp. [via Another Something & Company].

Nick Veasey x The Macallan:

Maybe this caught my eye because I’ve been drinking a healthy amount of The Macallan, Lagavulin, and The Balvenie lately but the collaboration is a pretty cool idea both from the photographer and the classic scotch brand itself. Mr. Veasey used x-ray imaging to redesign a few boxes for The Macallan. The entire article is worth a look over here. [via Cool Hunting].