Red Wing Heritage 4563 Boot:

Available at Select Nordstrom’s Department Stores

I’ve seen this on a few different sites now but it’s worth a mention anyway. If you live near one of the lucky Nordstrom stores graced with this special boot’s presence, go check ’em out and tell me what you think. I’d love to hear all about it and I’m sure your wardrobe could benefit from a pair (mine certainly could). This boot was built specifically for farmers because of it’s high durability but lasting comfort all based upon a hybrid construction. You can find the boots at the following Nordstrom stores:

  • WA:  Seattle and Bellevue Square
  • CA:  San Francisco, South Coast Plaza, Topanga, The Grove, Santa Monica & Fashion Valley
  • UT:  Fashion Place
  • CO:  Cherry Creek
  • MN:  Mall of America
  • MI:  Michigan Ave
  • OH:  Eastern Town Center
  • PA:  King of Prussia
  • NJ:  Garden State Plaza
  • VA:  The Fashion Center at Pentagon

Interview w/ Rye & Rivet:

Yours Truly Interviewing for Mt. Vernon Book Co.

A few weeks ago I was interviewed by Rye & Rivet about a project I run called Mount Vernon Book Co. We make card cases and hefty leather journals by hand using thick beeswaxed thread. I like her approach to interviewing and I think it turned out well. Take a look and let me know what you think! For reference, we are out of stock of everything until mid-January as we’re outfitting the Natural Process denim show on Jan. 13th. While we’re currently not taking orders, you can shoot me an e-mail and I can put you on the list to let you know when we’re back in action if you’re interested.

Denham Steamer Trunk:

Created by Method Design From Scotland

This thing was actually created for Denham (a jeans maker from Amsterdam) by Method Design from Scotland. It’s a trunk meant for carting around denim and it’s various compatible products which you might think is entirely useless and clunky especially for traveling, and really who’s given one garment it’s own case since hat boxes were cool? I think the trunk would be a very cool item to use for companies doing trade shows or pop-up shops. I would love to see a company roll around with a few of these showcasing their pairs, maybe some of the ingredients into their goods, and sell them right out of the trunk. Just like it used to be (via Selectism).

Vice Guide to North Korea:

Excellent Videos to Keep You Entertained & Informed

In light of recent events, I thought it’d be very appropriate to post these videos that came out quite a while ago yet no one I know has actually seen them. Vice Magazine does a bang-up job of putting out these “travel guide” videos which really aren’t travel guide videos at all and especially in the case of this 3-part series, helps you understand the craziness of the places they visit. For North Korea, that’s really all I wanted to hear about so this fit perfectly. Cut up into 3 twenty-minute segments, they’ll work perfectly for even you with the shortest attention span on earth. I would have embedded these but it’s better quality from their page.

Vice’s North Korea pt. 1

Vice’s North Korea pt. 2

Vice’s North Korea pt. 3

Post Overalls Hooded Engineer Jacket:

Sharp Looks, Excellent Functionality

I don’t know why I like this thing, maybe it’s because orange is my favorite color and the weather’s finally turning for the worst or that I just learned of the term “foul weather” and I like that whole lot. Either way this jacket looks sharp and looks incredibly well made. You can pick one up here for an arm and a leg (via Selectism).

Post Artisanal Pencil Sharpening:

Real or Fake? You Be the Judge

Excuse me?” asked my friend as I told them about Artisanal Pencil Sharpening. “Is that a real thing?” I have no idea, to tell you the truth. If you told me this was an elaborate joke (services rendered and all that business but wasn’t seriously in it to win it) I wouldn’t be surprised in the least. David Rees sharpens your pencils for you by hand or you can pick one up for him. Doing what machines long ago replaced can either be charming or alarmingly hard-headed. Unless of course, this whole thing is in fact a joke.

Ben Sherman Conversations in Modernism:

Good Videos by Ben Sherman

Ben Sherman did a pretty interesting series of (bear with me) filmed and slightly staged conversations between two creative types. There’s three videos between six different people including shoemakers, musicians, photographers, etc. Some are certainly better than others and the whole concept and way of shooting them (kind of like you’re that ignored friend at the head of the table that got invited because you were in the room when the other two made plans…right?) is a little odd, but the first one at least is worth a look.

Natural Process Denim Show:

A Study in Worn Denim

 Our A.C.-produced denim show, Natural Process, is just around the corner and we’re getting excited to show you everything we’ve got! 3Sixteen Denim just joined the show late last week and we’re gearing up to start last-minute promotions right after New Years. We hope to see you there or hope you see some awesome pictures afterwards!

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