House Industries, that excellent design firm that we all know and love, has put out a collection of house numbers using two of their best-known typefaces (Eames & Neutraface) in conjunction with Heath Ceramics. They look stellar (seriously, take a good look at those images; the detail is phenomenal) and if I had a house where they wouldn’t be robbed off the front within an hour of being put up I’d buy ’em in a heartbeat. $38 for each tile, $42 for the “salvage teak” sliding thing to holster them.

P.S. I realize that the photos look a little wonky. Heath Ceramics cropped them to fit their website, not mine. This is also a running gallery of images, something new I’m trying out so if you click on the little dots below the image you can quickly fly through them to see all the typeface/ceramic goodness.