A few administrative updates; we’ve removed the links section which you’d normally find if you delved deeper into the site on the right sidebar. It didn’t seem right making people hunt for this and if they didn’t know it was there, they might never find it at all. Showcasing brands and companies we enjoy is an important part about what we do so we’ve moved it to the top menu for easy access for all.

That being said we’ve also consolidated a few menus and created some new ones. There are now some drop-down menus (*gasp* technology!) including Contact, Projects & Collaborations, and Features. You can still get to us directly by clicking on the Contact menu which will take you to the appropriate form.

The new menus are for easier access to running features or special projects we’ve worked on including all of your favorite series such as The Standard Relay or Inquiries & Responses and projects like Natural Process or Eliot & Eads.

In other news, your favorite new contributor, Steve Streisguth, has just celebrated a birthday so if you see him (or his well-written and photographed articles), give him some lovin’.

Thanks for your continued support. Just wanted to make note of the changes.