It’s official. Many of you are already aware but on Saturday morning I will be packing up the vehicle and permanently relocating from Philadelphia to Los Angeles. It’s a decision I made years ago and the timing has finally proved right for my girlfriend and I to make it our new home. The move will take a little over a week (we’re taking our time: it’s a long drive) but we’ll be up and fully operational by the end of the month. We couldn’t be more excited to explore another side of the country and bring you even more diverse programming. Steve, the ever-talented creative director of The American Classic, will still be here in Philadelphia maintaing our East Coast perspectives, so not to worry: there will still be plenty of content generated from here. This also gives us access to a whole host of cities, brands, shops, creators, innovators, and events that we were sad to be uninvolved with before.

If you’d like to follow along on the move and the cross-country road trip, you can follow me on Instagram (@alexfrankel). There will likely be a photo recap of my time traveling but more will come from Instagram that won’t make it on the website. As always, thanks for your loyal readership. See you on the West Coast!