Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the very first American Classic playlist. I’m sure there’s a host of you expecting a smattering of classic tracks containing nothing newer than 1970 but you won’t find that here. No, instead what we’ve done is compiled our favorite tracks we’re listening to right now and stuck them into a Spotify playlist for your listening pleasure. We like Spotify because it’s flexible and makes things super easy for us to share things with you. If you want to shell out a little extra cash each month, you can get it’s incredible service on your mobile device and get rid of those ads. That being said, you’re still getting a pretty great deal by coping with the occasional Daft Punk ad in exchange for our playlist.

Not all of us live in Southern California and can have incredible beach weather all of the time. Steve (who designed this kick ass masthead, by the way) lives back in Philly and from what I can tell from speaking with him, it sounds like the rest of the country is getting a little bit warmer day by day. This might not be the playlist for the incredibly sticky days where your shirt sticks to you even in air conditioning and your dog literally refuses to move because it’s so hot, but this is to start easing you into the mindset of tequila, IPAs, ice cream, cool shade, lazy days, beater shoes, and ocean blues. For those of you who live outside of our weird and freakishly sunny paradise here in Los Angeles, here’s a little taste of summer that’s just around the corner. Click here to listen to the playlist.