I wear socks 7 days a week. Even if it’s just for a few hours, I put socks on at some point during the day either to keep from getting blisters or to keep my shoes from smelling like an armpit. I primarily wear leather shoes (Rancourts or Red Wings) and socks with heavier leather shoes are crucial for longevity of the shoe itself and from keeping your feet from looking like calloused tree stumps. As a result, I burn through approximately 5-8 pairs of socks per year and usually have about 10 pairs on hand at any given time. I’m always on the lookout for new designs and I typically go for the more subtle patterns that mix well with my existing wardrobe but in this particular case, the socks found me and they’re far from subtle.

Boldfoot Socks is a D.C.-area startup specializing in very bold-patterned socks made in the USA run by Brad Christmann. They’re currently on Kickstarter (for the next two weeks) with some great deals on their initial run and some super neat patterns to choose from. These patterns are not for the weak-in-the-knees; chunky lines, bold colors, and strong logos will get your sock-swaddled heart pumping a mile a minute but this is a great way to freshen jeans up or make a more dressy pair of pants look a little less formal. As a general rule, many socks are very similar in construction and pattern. Boldfoot certainly sets themselves apart in the pattern department, sporting a range of designs I’ve never seen before. Click here to read the full article.



One thing that really makes me love Boldfoot is the 6 months of “Sock Insurance”. This means that within the first 6 months of purchase, you can return these simply by emailing Boldfoot with no questions asked and a new pair will be dispatched. I burn through socks fast enough that this would be a very important consideration for me. They also donate $1 per pair sold to aid for military members and their families.

Brad was kind enough to send over two pairs of his socks for me to test out. I requested “Charlie #15 & 16” as I think these are his strongest and most unique designs, though this is a matter of taste and as I mentioned before, I like my socks to be fairly subtle. He sent them out way faster than I had expected and these have worked their way into my weekly rotation of socks in no time at all. I’ve really enjoyed wearing these and they certainly make me feel a little less stuffy wearing nicer pants to a casual meeting. Check them out, pledge to their Kickstarter while you can, and look to purchase from their site soon.