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Weekend Adventures Vol. 3: Big Sur, CA.

Posted on March 17, 2015


I’m reprising an old series here, “Weekend Adventures: The Art of Getting the Fuck Out”. I go in cycles with Los Angeles, like almost anywhere I’ve ever lived. Sometimes it’s the place. It’s the only place. It’s where I have to be and I’m thrilled with it. Sometimes I really need to get the fuck out. These are the chronicles.

My girlfriend and I go to Big Sur every few years. People ask me, what’s so great about Big Sur? What do you do? The answer, my friends, is everything and not much. And that’s what’s beautiful about it. Think about all the time you spend packing shit in on your weekends just trying desperately to get the most out of the few waning hours you have to royally fuck off. Now go on vacation to Big Sur and cut that shit out. You can do everything and you can do nothing. It’s your time, you’re an adult. Spend it as you wish. The best part about it is that you can be just as happy running around on trails as you can be with a beer in your hand and your feet dunked in the river. Last time we went we weren’t entirely prepared for it’s majesty and were blown away by it’s incredible splendor. This time around, we knew what we were getting into and prepared both our eyeballs and our tastebuds for what was to come. Stocking the car up with our usual pumpkin/sunflower seed blend and plenty of water and coffee, we hit the road. Click here for the full article and photo set.


Weekend Adventures Vol. 2: Wittmore & Self Edge

Posted on June 4, 2013


It’s getting hotter here in Los Angeles and while I’ve been cordoned mainly to the Santa Monica area for the past few weeks, there was some pretty rad stuff happening in the rest of the city that I couldn’t pass up. Kinfolk Magazine was hosting dinner parties (which I didn’t attend, sadly), plenty of great shows were happening around town, Wittmore had their popup shop near West Hollywood and it was high time to pay our friends at Self Edge a visit. I had a ratty pair of Left Field NYCs with a thinning crotch region and some nasty holes around the ankles as well as two matching blown out pockets (those bandanas don’t function nearly as spiffily as they look). Self Edge has a great deal at all locations where you bring in your wrecked (but clean) pair and for $40 flat they take care of fixing it up. I’ll report back once the repairs have been completed.

I’ve admired Wittmore’s online shop for some time as they always have a great selection of the a-typical when compared to plenty of other dude-focused web retailers. They’ve also got a great little feature that lets you search by geographic region of manufacture. Want shorts made in USA? No problem. Two clicks. Scarves made in England? Same story. It’s cool to see the similarities between products based upon region as you navigate through. It gives you a great perspective on regional manufacturing techniques and design principles. I heard they were doing their first brick-and-mortar pop-up in Los Angeles, of all places, and given that they’re headquartered in NYC, I figured the opportunity to meet and greet and check the wares in person wouldn’t present it self again soon. Click here to read the full article.


Weekend Adventures: The Art of Getting the Fuck Out Vol. 1

Posted on April 11, 2013

GTFO_masthead_wSometimes what you really need to do is get the fuck out. Pack your shit and leave for a day, a night, a weekend. Whatever. Just get away for a quick couple of (or couple dozen) hours and clear your head, find yourself, and maybe remember why you’re doing what you’re doing to begin with. These moments are as crucial to keeping you sharp on the job and in your personal affairs as they are to keeping you a sane and happy human being. Here we will document some of our weekend adventures for your viewing and reading pleasure.

The Art of Getting the Fuck Out

Vol. 01: March 15th

It’s been a rough couple of weeks here in Los Angeles. It seems like the number of cars on the road has tripled yet again, thereby increasing the number of moron drivers and hence, accidents. Getting anywhere takes forever and I find myself frequently nearly in tears, shaking the steering wheel violently as I sob my commuting woes to Ira Glass on the This American Life podcast (he’s a terrible listener). Sometimes when things get this bad, when they’re really to the point where by the time you get to the office you’re already spent, you need to get the hell out of dodge. Which is what I did this weekend. Click here to read the full article.