This is the third in a series of interviews with people who have a keen interest in menswear, style, design, or generally cool stuff. Most of these people are doing something of great note that you should absolutely take a look at.

I found Jamison Aweau much like I found Jack Morgan from our first interview in this series, via Tumblr. Jamison has a keen eye for military inspired menswear, which, unless you’ve been living under a rock you’re probably aware is the look these days. The style, ripped straight out of 1950’s America with some even older twists yet slight modern updates is something he keeps alive so well in his blog, Anchor Division. Sometimes cut with prep, sometimes spliced with mod, the style maintained by Mr. Aweau is perfectly retro-American in it’s essence. Be sure to check out his blog by clicking the link above and to read the interview, click below.

AC: Tell me a bit about yourself, what you do, and where you’re currently located.

JA: My name is Jamison Aweau, and im the blogger for Anchor Division. I’m 23 years young and I currently work as a Product Engineer. I’m really big into vintage, fashion and typography. I’m located in the Boston Area in the commonwealth of Massachusetts.

AC: Talk a bit about Anchor Division; what’s the inspiration behind it and where do you see it headed?

JA: Anchor Division first started off simply as a visual blog for my own personal enjoyment around October 2010. At first, it was named Define Jamison and It featured images I have collected over the years of various things ranging from suits, boats, cars, interiors, vintage items, and mostly luxury materials. The name Anchor Division came along when I was walking and found an old button which had an anchor on it. It was a button from a Schott NYC peacoat. I had worn it with my dogtags and when I was thinking of a name for my site I simply looked at my dogtags. It had all connected, my fashion style was of 40’s-50’s military much of where a lot of todays fashion get their ideas from.

My inspiration is looking at the beauty and craftsmanship of any item really. I’m a sucker for leather goods and to see how times have changed from people making things by hand to machines doing it for them. It makes me appreciate a lot of old and new materials that have quality and hard work put into it.

I see Anchor Division always moving. It will always be my own personal thing, but now that it has become more exposed, I like to interact with other people and I love to inspire others in any kind of artistic field. Right now, me and a friend of mine are working on a few fall/winter cut-and-sew pieces just for fun right now. As for me, I’m currently working on making some of my own leather goods and I’m going to continue to blog everything that catches my eye.
AC: You’ve got some serious branding going on with the logo for Anchor Division. What’s your background with design?
JA: Thank you! Originally while in High School (Senior Year) my initial plan was to go to an Art School for Graphic Design. It turned out that I didn’t really have [the] money to go do this. I do love messing around once in a while with Photoshop or Illustrator.
AC: A little poking around on the internet turned up quite a bit about you. The military seems like an important part of your life. Wanna talk about it?
JA: Sure, so instead of the whole art school idea, I ended up going into the United States Army. I went in as just an Infantryman (always wanted to) and ended up getting into Airborne school and Air Assault school and being put into the 101st Airborne. The military has taught me a lot but a couple things always stick out to me. “Improvise and Survive” Whatever situation you are in, make the best of it, at least you are still breathing. “Life’s no fun if you don’t take any risks”.
AC: As far as the leather goods/line you’re working on goes, are they going to be under the Anchor Division brand?
JA: Yes the leather goods will be under the line Anchor Division most likely. Although I may branch it of to another name.
AC: How has the Everlane curator experience been treating you?
JA: The Everlane experience is great try are all a bunch of great people who I’d like to continue collaborating and working with in the future.
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