FREE/MAN Brand's New Products - 

The dudes over at FREE/MAN picked up some Hill Side stuff this week in their newly opened shop that looks really awesome. Check that out while you’re looking at their other collaborations that amaze me on a daily basis.


The Monitaly Field Jacket - 

This thing looks pretty rad especially if you’re going to be out in those cold Western mornings any time soon. I’m visiting areas around the midwest this week and already wishing I had one of these to throw on in the mornings. Fall is nigh and winter cometh. Be ready. (via selectism).


Sushi Girl Trailer - 

Listen, I know you can find trailers on your own. Everyone’s got their resources to find the latest trailer to come out for that one script that got buzz two years ago from some college student. But you probably haven’t seen this one yet. In fact people at my office haven’t even seen this one until a few days ago and they’re on the forefront of most things rad. Check it. The backing track rules and the cast is pretty interesting (read: Mark Hamil). Make sure you watch it in HD so that Roxy Music can tear your ears apart in the best way possible.


Jack Spade FNO Scavenger Hunt: Clues & Booze - 

I’m assuming this is public knowledge because it’s sponsored by Heineken and Bombay Sapphire and it popped up in my inbox without any confidentiality warning SO if you’re in the NYC area, take note of this event. You have basically no notice; this event is on September 8th (two days from now) from 6-9pm. You can either do it in SoHo or in the West Village. Click either of the previous links there to RSVP at your preferred location. Here are the exact addresses:

SoHo: 56 Greene Street NYC 10012 (212)-625-1820

West Village: 400 Bleecker Street NYC 10014

This thing could win you cash monies to spend at Jack Spade!  Your team can consist of up to 3 people and each person will be rewarded $200 assuming you win. Check it out, if I were back east right now I absolutely would be there.