Well we’re all familiar with Best Made Co. by now, at least you should be had you been paying attention to anything design related in the past few years. The brand’s been churning out some sharp looking axes, no pun intended, for some time as well as venturing into other projects like selling various camp gear and the possibility of future trips into the wilderness (ripped straight from their website so there’s no insider knowledge here). To be completely frank, their axes don’t come cheap and while they are very well designed and certainly made to last a lifetime, your average joe isn’t going to use an axe more than once a year at most. They’ve now introduced a smaller model that clearly isn’t meant for the same heavy duty line of work as their heftier models but has the same generally handsome appearance (minus the color wrap) and still cuts things like a boss. It’s called the Hudson Bay Axe and it’s available for purchase now for a cool $135 from their website. Click below to see more photos of the Hudson Bay Axe.

All photos taken directly from the Best Made Co. website.