Prince Hat Designs - 

Prince Hat is Patrik Svensson’s graphic design and illustration company based out of Sweden. I know very little about the gentleman but he seems to do good work. I was drawn in by his literal typography titles for books, TV, and film. He also does some pretty slick looking band posters which surprises me the the hasn’t blown up more in America. Check out his site for the full shebang but I’ve included a few photos of a band poster and two literal typography posters for shows created by two of my former employees: Weeds & Lost. See if you can figure them out.


J.W. Hulme x National Park Foundation - 

Found this little article via Selectism. Unfortunately you won’t be seeing Park Rangers toting these things around any time soon; too bad too because these pieces are gorgeous. The good news is that if you were looking at shelling out for some J.W. Hulme wares to begin with, now for this particular collection a portion of your purchase will go to the official charity for the National Park Foundation and we all know how much they need it. So check it out and if you happen to pick one up, shoot us some photos.

A Life in Film & Design: Saul Bass - 

This one’s a little belated but still looks incredible nonetheless.  A book is coming out in November about Saul Bass, the man who really made an image for 1950s and 60s design on film posters and book covers. I think one of my favorite parts about his story is collaborating with his wife to achieve maximum minimalism but his designs are awe inspiring in their own right so by all means click on over and consider dropping the $75 on the book. Or just read about him. It’s worth it. (via Cool Hunting).

Malibu 1965 by A Continuous Lean -

A last minute addition to this week’s collection, Michael Williams over at A.C.L. has put up a very nice grouping of vintage videos of Paul Newman, Jane Fonda, Kirk Douglas, Anthony Perkins, and Judy Garland kicking it back in the 60’s in Malibu. Definitely worth a look.

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