Makr Box Printing: 

A cool short video showing the process Makr goes through to stamp their boxes. Using a letterpress to do this has always been an addition of cool points for me. Found via FREE/MAN.

Birth Control Case from Draught Dry Goods:

Well, I couldn’t believe it either but frankly that’s not the point. Draught Dry Goods has now put out a black leather birth control case for your purchasing and quirky-using pleasure, as pictured below. They’ve also got a cool fall/winter collection out right now featuring some leather bicycle grips that are worth a look.


Steve Powers' Beer Cozis:

Had to run this one because the guy’s from Philly. Steve Powers, of Philadelphia Love Letter Project fame, has released some beer cozis and they’re pretty clever. Found via Curated Magazine.

a Curated Magazine.


Tellason Interviews:

Cool little piece about Telason Denim. Again, found via FREE/MAN.


Matermathu Teaser video:

I don’t like to mix work and…well, work especially when it has to do with something I’m financially or creatively involved in which is why this is the last post of this edition of The Standard Relay. I play in a blues-rock band called Matermathu (may-ter-muh-thoo) based out of Philadelphia and we have a record coming out soon titled “Ain’t No Love in the Heart of the City”. Here’s a teaser video to promote the song “Cold Love”. Let me know what you think.

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