The past few weeks have been pretty hectic with returning to Philadelphia, lining things up for the site for the fall curriculum, and working on several records and films. I hope you’ve been enjoying the weather changes wherever you are and are ready for the good winter ahead of us. The photo above is from my grandparents home nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Western North Carolina. I haven’t been there since last winter but this was taken after a fresh snow melt which reminded me of this time of year as the air grows crisper and long-tucked away layers of clothing emerge from closets and drawers having been forgotten for the past warmer months.

I also hope you’ve been enjoying the materials published here lately. Getting to talk with designers, small businesses, and emerging brands has been an exciting and eye-opening experience for me as I develop what this blog is really about. There are some very exciting things coming in the next few weeks including interviews, write ups, and event coverage that I can’t wait to share with you. It’s sort of been an unwritten rule that I’ve maintained while writing here for the past few months but I think for a while at least I will be closed on weekends. All posting will occur between Monday and Friday unless something is urgent or time sensitive or I absolutely cannot wait another second to share it with you. It gives me time to explore and expand the horizons around these parts and it gives you time away from the computer or phone or whatever you read this on which these days is an invaluable time we all need.

I’m inching ever closer to launching the shop and I’m very excited to get this ball rolling. I know there’s growing interest in what’s happening with it so I’ll say this: it will be extremely small, highly curated, mostly unstructured, and as affordable as I can possibly make it. It’s an interest I’ve held to do something like this for a long time so when the time is right and everything has put itself in it’s proper place, the shop will launch. Starting small is the best way to approach this and I hope to see it grow into something pretty amazing.

Thanks again for reading and, as always, follow us on Twitter for more updates.