A good friend of mine, Kasey Klimes who has guest posted here before, is traveling/working in Europe currently and sends me photo updates every once in a while of things I might like. Today’s comes from Copenhagen where he discovered a shop called Wardrobe 19 featuring presumably mostly menswear goods. A visit to their website tells you not a whole lot about what they do there and their brands list is clearly either out of date or has some very eclectic items on it. Judging by the photos that Kasey sent over, I’d say they’ve updated their stuff and currently stock some things worth checking out.

Regardless, Kasey’s photos are awesome and I’m jonzing for one of those duck cloth Sandqvist bags right now (see above). As Kasey said in his e-mail to me, it seems like they’re taking notes from what many American shops are doing to feature smaller brands making higher quality goods. If you ever find yourself in Copenhagen, among the other ridiculously cool design related stuff to do there, make sure to swing by this shop. Thanks to Kasey for the submission. Check the rest of the photos by clicking below.

You can connect with Kasey at his website, Secret Republic, here.

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