Makers in the Modern Era catalog: 

Basically a great photo set of Portland-based artisans working in their shops. The professions cover a host of walks of life so there’s a little something for everyone here. (via Cool Hunting).

Vintage Camera Nightlights: 

Exactly what it sounds like. Vintage camera night lights. They look neat and will match your Instagram/Hipstamatic app oh-so-perfectly. (via Curated Magazine).

Aether Apparel's Airstream Trailer:

I don’t know why this isn’t being done by every medium-sized apparel company in the U.S., probably because this ain’t exactly high season for taking a road trip. Regardless, check out some of the photos from Aether apparel’s airstream trailer that’s meandering it’s way around the U.S. (sort of) (via Cool Hunting).

Cool Hunting's Gift Guide:

Cool Hunting has put together a seriously extensive list of shit you need to buy for someone you love (or hate). It’s big, it’ll take a while to get through it, but I guarantee you will not be disappointed. If you don’t find something worth purchasing for someone else, maybe you’ll find something you like for yourself. Check it out.

Thermochromic Furnishings:

Seriously can’t believe this hasn’t existed before but this is exactly why designers are out there. Take something so simple and so great looking and make you feel like it’s something you could have done (but deep down you know you couldn’t). The pictures speak for themselves but check out the link to read up on it a little bit more (via Cool Hunting).


Sort the Criterion Collection by themes: 

The Criterion Collection now allows you to explore their massive trove of films by theme. And it’s well designed. Give it a little look before you rent that next movie on iTunes (via Gear Patrol).


An Interview with Geoff Watts of Intelligentsia Coffee: 

Having worked in and around the coffee industry for nearly ten years, I always jump on little bits like this especially when a big blog I follow picks up someone I respect for an interview. Geoff Watts of Intelligentsia Coffee (based out of Chicago and Los Angeles) did an interview with Cool Hunting and it’s worth a look. If you don’t know anything about coffee or how it gets to your cup, it’s time to get learned.

Happy Thanksgiving to all you American readers!

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