I’d like to announce that with the help of my friends April Nett and Elysa DiMauro, I will be curating a show opening in Philadelphia in January called Natural Process. The show is a highlight of denim after it’s been ravaged by it’s owner, whether jackets or shorts or jeans, filled with holes, patches, stitching repairs, and dirt. We’re very excited about all of the pairs we’ll have on display for the month of January along with some leather goods we’ve created specifically for the show. Each pair of jeans will be accompanied by the owners name, location, and the story behind their pants. The whole thing will be happening at Elixr Coffee in Center City Philadelphia which is half of the reason the show’s called Natural Process. An unwashed, or natural processed coffee, is left in the sun to dry and for the elements to take care of the first steps in becoming the roasted beans we all enjoy. We incorporated this name with the natural process of ruthlessly beating the indigo out of ones jeans after years of use and abuse and it seemed like a good fit.

Some pairs we’re really excited about come from all over including pairs from the guys at Tellason Denim, Roy Denim, American ex-pats in Spain, artists from the eastern seaboard, middle-aged construction workers, and more. The leather goods were designed and made by us using what’s left of Mt. Vernon Book Co.’s stock as well as some other procurements and we’re very excited to present these starting very soon to get them to everyone interested before the holidays are over.

We’re still working out a date for the opening reception but it will likely be in the middle of January and wrapping up in the middle of February. The deadline we’ve set for ourselves is closing in quickly but if you have a pair of jeans you’d like to have displayed, don’t hesitate to get in touch as quickly as possible. We’ve got room for one or two more pairs and would be glad to take yours on. Pictured below are a few key fobs fresh off the production line of our kitchen table. We’ll also have a few wallets, card cases, and more for sale. Stay tuned and we’ll have them available for purchase soon.

For all further questions, please get in touch with me here.

Elixr Coffee is located at: 207 S. 15th Street Philadelphia, PA 19102

Update: I’d also like to point out that Steve Streisguth is doing all of our design and photo work of this show. You should check out his site.