In the interest of full disclosure – I’m a huge fan of Frank & Oak.  Companies that found themselves with a principal catch my eye.  Frank & Oak aims to provide consistent, quality menswear with a price-tag that’s a steal.
 Month-to-month, Montreal-based Frank & Oak develops a theme, designs clothing in house, has it crafted, and releases it to a (non-subscription) membership.  All their items come in at under $50 – including blazers, chinos, and ties –  and are impeccably stylish.  Their prices stay low by requiring that you sign up for their membership program; a formality of information that allows them to keep their overhead low and their return on investment high.

Once a member, at the start of each month, you can choose 3 items.  They’ll be shipped to you for free.  5 days of trial wear, and a box to return the items you don’t want; the worry of Internet shopping is relieved.


Speaking of which, interested in becoming a member? We highly recommend it. Allow us to extend an invitation.
“The goal is always to make it relevant.”  Said Ethan Song, F&O Editor in Chief,  “we want to be able to capture a certain aspect of a season or lifestyle change that’s broad, but can touch any man’s life. We find this essence in our own lives, whether it’s through our own experiences, memories, travel, etc. When the seasons change, there’s an energy in the air that incites reinvention and renewal – it impacts how a man will dress and we try to connect with that feeling.”
Which was how I found myself atop an abandoned trestle sporting some well-traveled Levi’s, a linen blazer, and a few gems from F&O.

The curators at Frank & Oak wanted to experiment with different collar styles.  The wide set collar on this tartan red shirt gives an old formal look a modern and relaxed tone.  Google some new ways to tie a bolder knot to fill the gap if you plan on buttoning up.

This shirt wouldn’t pass muster at your most formal occasion, but it checks all the boxes for a night out, pairing well with blazers and chinos.  Or dress it down with your favorite denim.  Shirts this well-cut can really play on any field.

The tie is a piece of work.  Pending how you wear it, it can play loud or soft.  Paired with the well cut, simple shirt it becomes the centerpiece of your outfit.

The shirt itself is a simple color with a traditional collar, but that leaves it a versatile buy from F&O’s vast array of shirting options.

What I find most enticing about wearing F&O is it’s versatility.  I’ve always said I want my style to reflect class and adventure.  F&O shirts look sharp and crisp, but not restrictive or stuffy.  It’s style aimed at an active and engaged audience.  You’re fashionable and functionable.  Plus, with it’s low cost and frequent updates, you’re always a step ahead of the other, unenlightened gents.
Frank & Oak is a remarkable company.  Every month they ask for feedback from their customers.  That feedback is brought into their planning for the next month as well as upcoming seasons.  The fellows buying F&O’s stuff asked for Chinos.  Guess what September released?  A line of Chinos.  Their blazers fly off the shelf.  While Ethan indicated there was little likelihood that they’ll be offering us any raw denim, you can rest assured your next pair will work like a charm with any F&O outfit.