This is our second playlist; a smattering of tracks we’ve been listening to lately. As the seasons shift into late summer mode, fall is certainly in the air and while it’s still hot as hell some days, night time ushers in the sweet smell of change that signifies we’re arriving into a new season. While there are plenty of warm days ahead, especially for those of us here in Southern California, we’ll be traveling quite a bit this fall to some not very warm places. This playlist is anticipatory: it’s looking ahead to things just around the bend. Mountain weekends, cool nights in the city, changing your beer pick from that double IPA to an oatmeal stout, and pulling out that duck cloth jacket you bought at the end of last season but never got the chance to wear in properly. This playlist goes just as well with those hot days coming up (we’re just hitting the heatwave here in LA) with a little Tom Waits, Dr. John, and Band of Skulls as it does with crisper walks home in the evening with Soosh, Pomegranates, and The Felice Brothers.

This is also the beginning of labor day weekend, the last bastion of summer. As you head out to your respective places of celebration this weekend, leave this on in the background. It’ll keep you in good company. Prepare thy selves, good readers. This is the most exciting time of the year: the death of glorious summer and the birth of beautiful, merciless fall and winter. Click here to listen to the full playlist.