I shot this photo set at Old North Clothing in Asheville back in the early summer of 2014 and somehow let these sit for many long months. I only rediscovered these photos after going through my semi-annual photo archiving and realized that for whatever reason this post never went live. That being said, I’m happy to launch it now. The photos may not reflect the current offering at Old North but should give you an idea of how the place feels, what kind of things they typically carry, and why you should absolutely visit.

Asheville has been a part of my family for a number of decades; we’ve had family living in Asheville or nearby for the past 60 years with my grandparents moving there after my great-grandparents in the ’80s. They’ve since passed on but I spent most of my summers in Asheville as a kid, much like my father did when he was young visiting his own grandparents. The major difference between his experience and my own was growing up in a big city and visiting Asheville was, for me, awful. I hated going there, staying in the mountains and rarely venturing into town due to my grandmother’s paranoia of anything urban or progressive. It seemed so backwards from what I was used to and I missed everything about the city. Click here to read the full article.



As I grew older and would venture out on my own during my visits to Asheville, I realized what many others already had decades before: Asheville has an incredible amount to offer. From innumerable outdoor activities to brewery visits and historic tours, there’s something for everyone. Now for folks like me, there’s something more. Old North is a stellar menswear shop located on Lexington Ave., arguably the coolest street in town, that opened a few years ago. I’ve visited this shop many times and it’s quite the sight for sore eyes coming down from the somewhat backwards hills in the neighboring town of Weaverville. Their selection is nothing short of excellent and the whole shopping experience really feels like you’re discovering neat treasures along the way. The owners spent time in Los Angeles and oddly enough we know a lot of the same people. The selection is great, the staff (if not the owners working) is knowledgeable and friendly, and there’s plenty of other great things to see, do, eat, and drink on that street alone. Nearby (driving, not walking) are some of my favorites at White Duck Taco and 12 Bones BBQ.

Currently some highlights from their brand list include Mister Freedom, Norman Porter, Circle A Brand, Rising Sun MFG, Rogue Territory, Red Wing, Tanner Goods, Juniper Ridge, New England Shirt Co., Yellow 108, and more.

Old North is located at:

82 N. Lexington Ave

Asheville, NC. 28801

(828) 505-6495

Open every day from 11-7pm

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