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New Menu Section: Natural Process

Posted on March 2, 2012

As Natural Process has ended, we’ve memorialized it here on the site with a dedicated page chock full of photos of our favorite pairs and some of their finer details you couldn’t see while they were hanging up. You can navigate to that page by clicking Natural Process at the top or by clicking here.

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A New Voice: Steven Streisguth

Posted on February 15, 2012

Today I officially welcome Steve Streisguth as the second member of The American Classic team. I’ve known Steve for a couple of years now and have recently been using his incredible creative talents for some facet of all of the projects I’ve worked on. He’s done major work for some very big companies, worked with plenty of bands, has his own publishing imprint (Streisguth | Martin), and has most recently done all art-related things for the Natural Process denim show curated by The American Classic here in Philly. He also came up with the ingenious idea of how to mount nearly 40 pairs of jeans onto drywall without the use of studs whatsoever. The dude knows his stuff. If you enjoyed any of the photographs, posters, prints, postcards, vinyl lettering, and anything else related to the Natural Process show, you’ll certainly enjoy the things to come with Steve’s work on The American Classic. Make sure to take a look at his website and some of the other incredibly impressive projects he’s worked on. I’m very excited to have him on board and am looking forward to seeing his posts!

Natural Process: Event Recap

Posted on January 26, 2012

I launched Natural Process: A Study in Worn Denim last weekend with April Nett, Elysa DiMauro, and Steve Streisguth at Elixr Coffee in Philly. We couldn’t be happier with the turnout and it seems like the general impression has been positive. We tried our best to take some great photos of the show but we ended up slurping down the delicious libations provided by Art in the Age instead so here’s a small collection of what we’ve got. More photos coming soon.

I’m in Elixr a few days a week and it’s pretty cool to see how people interact with the show, reading the tags and various other accruements that accompany each piece, then ask the employees “What’s with the jeans?” I’ve seen a couple folks writing down brand names (which rules) or asking more about the manufacturers and it’s great to see that people are taking an interest in this.

The event will be up at Elixr Coffee through mid-February Mon.-Sun. during their open hours. If you’re stopping by, make sure to read the tags attached to each to find out a bit about the owners. Several pairs also have notes from the owners attached nearby which provide some insight as to what the jeans went through.

We really appreciate everyone’s support for this exhibition and if you have any questions at all about anything do feel free to ask. All photos were taken by Steve Streisguth. Click below to see the rest of the photos.